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Discover our exclusive range of luxury designer bags and accessories that have been handcrafted in France to encapsulate all of the elegance and quality of chic French style. Each item is handcrafted with love, and a little bit of LUC8K, making them an elegant addition to your personal image and style repertoire. We pride ourselves on being one of the luxury Swiss Brands that are paving the way for sustainable fashion practices, that create chic French accessories which speak volumes for your style. All of the beautifully handcrafted leather handbags, handmade wallets, exclusive belts and accessories in our collection are created using sustainable practices in their sourcing and construction. Meaning that you can enjoy looking elegant, while safe in the knowledge your style choices aren’t impacting the environment. On our website, we offer your very own style customization and personalization. If you’re looking to create an extra special gift or simply an elegant handmade statement piece that’s as unique as you are, made in France, then visit our online store to learn more about your color and customization options -- Afterall, our motto is "Live Your Colors!". Our handmade leather bags and accessories are manufactured in France and can be purchased through our online store with the added luxury of free shipping, worldwide.

Luxury leather lovers blog

If you can’t get enough of our elegant French and Italian handcrafted leather bags, reversible belts and accessories, check out our sustainable style blog & luxury leather news page. Here, you will find the latest news, insights and stories from the people behind the LUC8K luxury leather bags and accessories brand.

You can also read about our upstandingly unique and trendy brand ambassador, Sophie the giraffe! She encompasses and personifies the LUC8K brand experience and brings a larger than life feel to the stories behind our stylish bags and accessories. Learn more about Sophie.

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Our handcrafted leather accessories collection

It’s the finer details that enhance the luxury experience. That’s why each order you place receives the care and attention that it deserves and your new handcrafted accessory is created to fit your exact specifications, so that it can add the desired touch of individuality to not just your outfit, but your life too.

You are one-of-a-kind, so why not show it with an exclusive elegant luxury bag, reversible belt, wallet or leather accessory?


Explore exciting colors and elegant embossing options and select the perfect LUC8K for you!

Our high-quality handcrafted leather

Our handmade French and Italian elegant leather bags possess a “Joie de vivre!” that can bring your own style to life and display it proudly to the world.

At the core of all of our elegant handcrafted bags and accessories is highest quality leather. Our handmade leather accessories are made from the finest French and Italian leather, then hand assembled in France to ensure the perfect balance of high-quality materials and craftsmanship.

Elegant Handcrafted Leather Bags & Accessories

In a world where billions of bags, belts and wallets are made on mass by machines every year, an exclusive handcrafted leather purse or bag is a real treasure – Especially when expressing your own personal style!

Our luxury leather accessories are more than simple accessories, they are the mark of true individuality and sustainable style choices. This level of precision and highest quality assurance in the manufacturing of our bags and accessories helps us to create chic leather items that stand the test of time.

Discover our classic, bespoke and avant-garde in our online accessory shop and create your own custom creation.

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