Are You Addicted To Luxury, Details, And Discovery?

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Are You Addicted To Luxury, Details, And Discovery?
June 27, 2022 LUC8K
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Sustainability is the way to go because it builds credibility and trust in the brand over time. Luxury is never tied to trends but to a group of people who understand what you do. You have to create that environment.

Paris, we love you! Luxury Details too!

How often tourists have stressed us out by stupidly standing in the way. But perhaps it is us? Many still believe that stress directly causes dissatisfaction, but aren’t we simply confusing cause and effect? Somehow too much is going on in our heads that leaves no space for other information? So let’s face it. Stress is undoubtedly bad for us. However, it’s not the tourist to blame as we are one too. Being happy is not a miracle cure for stress. But if you know how to feel satisfied with your eyes and ears open, you’ll be less stressed. You don’t necessarily live longer, but you live happier. So whenever we visit Paris, we discover new things as we look for the details. And that’s why we love you – and so much more.

Exclusive handcrafted luxury leather bags and accessories, 3 weekender duffles stand on a bench in front of a green bush

Listen First, If You Have Something To Say

Sustainable and ethical luxury promises fun with a good conscience. But what is sustainable is a matter of interpretation. Nevertheless, the topic of sustainability is becoming more and more critical. It is part of a solution to overcome the omnipresent problems. Unfortunately, exaggeratedly evoke the world’s end and cause fear. That’s rubbish. Promoting an understanding of sustainability involves communication that focuses on transparency and discloses the sustainability aspects of a product.

When we listen, we absorb about three times as much information as to when we read something. In contrast to the eye, we can record and transmit signals continuously with our ears without tiring. But why is listening so complicated? Communication involves encoding and decoding information to achieve a unified understanding of what is heard and said. Thoughts, intentions, or feelings are processed into messages to be translated mentally into content while listening. The crux of the matter is that it creates gaps that open interpretations, leading to misunderstandings. So, knowing the weather first would become a luxury. However, you have your taste, and you have choices. And there is fashion. We center our job on finding a balance, offering options that make your style more sustainable yet luxurious.

LUC8K à L’ECOUTE in Paris by Henri de Miller (1953-1999) “Listening to the subterranean rumors, like a pebble, this sculpture is stranded by chance on an imaginary tide on the shores of time.”

When Two Things Are Next To Each Other, We’re Forced To Compare Them

Balancing high-quality and sustainability to preserve the environment is part of the authentic luxury experience. People who care about their surroundings and themselves are willing to immerse themselves. In our experience, we can continue working toward a brighter future for everyone. Our commitment goes into every product we handcraft in France. Undoubtedly, we love what we do. Therefore, we adhere to a set of values that embodies our principles. The equity is to make us work harder than ever. We see the game, and we want to grow. Within the explosion of a niche!

Suppose we want to master the looming climate catastrophe! In that case, we must train ourselves daily to make trade-offs without patronizing each other and with a wide-open mind – and transparent information. We founded LUC8K to fill gaps we perceive as consumers ourselves. For us, luxury is not synonymous with costly, wasteful consumption. Instead, it revolves around values and responsibility in a time when we seem to take luxury for granted.

The constantly changing range of products at low prices tempts consumers to make impulse purchases. Fast fashion means owning beautiful, new, and cheap clothes and accessories. Still, at the same time, the total production devours resources, wears out people who produce the stuff, and poisons whole ecosystems and thus the livelihood of millions. This kind of fashion causes a disaster for the climate, water, soils, and last but not least, the people who work in this industry. So we store more than we would like, but do we know the consequences?

Enter Made-To-Order as The Sustainable Shopping Experience Of The Future

Life isn’t focused on results but instead on the process of doing things. There is just one version of your life where to go, so better pay attention and do it as best you can.

Everyone must eventually find purpose. However, it should be both animating and satisfying no matter what. The type of venture that speaks not to who you are but rather whom you want to be. Our purpose will challenge us to be brave and witty. It will propel us far beyond the watchful glare of society and set us free. We must allow ourselves these private moments so we may face reality armed with our reveries. Fate plays a significant role. And more stuff in life is out of control than we’d admit. That’s why we need to take our time and make our choices. Not only does this save overproduction and money. But it’s proven that people assign a higher value to things they make themselves. People take better care, and they value things differently.

Get to business with a sustainability-first made-to-order LUC8K Shopper in timeless Ruby Red grained leather made with love in France.

For LUC8K, since its founding in 2016, digitalization has been the driver par excellence to redefine luxury. The main focus is short sourcing distances, outstanding quality, tradition, and made-to-order to answer the ideal needs of luxury sustainably. We link our sourcing and production processes directly to the individualized e-commerce function. Customization also applies to worldwide distribution from door to door. Handmade with love in France, we rely on long-term cooperation with the manufacturer and the tanneries.

LUC8K is not a fashion brand but instead develops products that embrace senses based on interaction and leave a performance that is sticky enough to recall. We see our business through the customer’s eyes and make our products intelligent yet imaginative. You have voices: LUC8K has other things! Together we have the power to see ourselves if we stand up to listen.