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Welcome to the LUC8K blog & news page! Here you will find the latest LUC8K news, new product announcements and Sophie’s travel stories. Please feel free to get in touch in case you would like to have more background information about any of the news items published here.

  • California beach, mustang stands on beach with Sophie the giraffe inside and LUC8K leather bags

    Sophie Searches for the Essence of America

    Sophie’s latest LUC8K adventure takes her back to the United States with her first stop being Washington D.C. Once off the plane she headed, with her leather tote and canvas bag, straight for the center of world power, the White House. It is said the president of the United States…

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  • Handmade weekender duffle hold by a real woman jumping, motion picture

    At LUC8K we embrace the real woman in you

    What is a real woman? There is a lot of hype around #RealWomen! At LUC8K, we have been speaking to #RealWomen since we conceptualized our brand. So welcome - we would love to take you on this journey with us. Our luxurious products are designed for those women who simply…

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  • Business woman on phone while sitting on airport waiting for packing intelligently

    How to pack intelligently – for the Cosmopolitan Woman

    Start your journey by packing intelligently. At LUC8K we know that the Cosmopolitan woman loves to travel. Whether you are jetting off for business, pleasure or a combination of both, you need to cart along luggage! Packing intelligently and with some thought upfront may sound like too much hard work…

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  • Woman jumping in sophisticated style happily with umbrella in her hand, behind yellow wood wall

    Sophisticated Style Will Make You That Cosmopolitan Woman

    Being a high-flyer in the modern world requires attention to detail and work. But, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have fun. Styling your looks from the top of your head to the tips of your toes is an awesome challenge. It will make you feel like a million dollars when…

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  • Bird view of a thermal spring in yellowstone national park. Very colourful blue water, smoke and red color ground around it

    Sophie Experiences Yellowstone National Park Breakdown

    Those who live in the developed world take so many things for granted without any regard of how quickly it could all disappear. These were some of Sophie’s thoughts as she walked through Yellowstone National Park during the United States government shutdown. This wasn’t the trip Sophie envisioned when she…

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