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Here you will find the latest LUC8K updates, new product announcements and Sophie’s travel stories.

Follow our resident giraffe, Sophie as she travels the world with her authentic and exclusive hand-crafted LUC8K leather bags and accessories.

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  • Handcrafted leather belt showing the Luc8k logo, belt is on white background

    How Every Handmade Leather Belts Makes You Feel Awesome

    The natural look has always been in fashion, and leather holds a particular place of prominence in fashion. When it’s done well, few materials match the timeless look of handcrafted leather or the supple smoothness of its touch. But with so many options, including synthetic materials, leather is becoming more…

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  • Sustainable leather tanning and rinsing in a factory in France for leather goods.

    What is Sustainable Leather?

    There’s nothing like the look, the feel, the versatility, and even the smell of real leather. Its popularity is a testament to the wearability and attractiveness of high-quality leather goods. In style and strength, it can last for generations. Simply put, faux leather is not to last. However, leather production…

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  • Handmade duffle weekender bag stands on red sand dune. The new reimagining luxury

    Reimagining Luxury

    As countries begin to open their borders, we ease back into traveling beyond our neighborhoods. Today, younger generations prioritize sustainability and authenticity, especially in the sense of privilege that comes with wearing a product. Luxury is more democratic and conscious. They are inspired by wanderlust and responsibility for transparency and…

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  • Coronavirus COVID-19 Sophie the giraffe has a plane in her mouth

    Why Sophie Goes Home? COVID-19 Limits Her Travel

    I’m in Botswana as coronavirus COVID-19 caused me to take a break from being a jet setter. As much as I love to travel and promote LUC8K leather bags and accessories, I’m going to take advantage of being home. I’ll spend time with my family, play with the meerkats, and visit…

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  • Swiss cheese with holes. How come the holes into the cheese in a comic way shown

    Sophie in Switzerland

    Switzerland is the little country that could. The tiny, alpine nation is an economic powerhouse with the world’s 20th largest economy. Not bad for a country with the same population as New York City. It always scores in the top 10 in quality-of-life surveys, and it has a wealth of…

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