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Welcome to the LUC8K blog & news page! Here you will find the latest LUC8K news, new product announcements and Sophie’s travel stories. Please feel free to get in touch in case you would like to have more background information about any of the news items published here.

  • Sustainable luxury, black leather shopper bag with elephant, giraffe and rhino in the streets of New York

    Concerning The Necessity Of Affluence: Sustainable Luxury

    What is Luxury? Excessive individualism is a decisive factor when attempting to define luxury. Even scientists find it difficult to define why joie de vivre sometimes fades away, which is not an unfamiliar condition for narcissists. Self-realisation, self-representation and individualism are social ideals that help to stimulate consumerism. The desire…

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  • Sophie Experiences the Nightlife of Hong Kong

    Sophie travels the world as the LUC8K ambassador and visits some places of great beauty and demanding challenges. When it comes to urban areas Sophie’s favorite city is Hong Kong and for plenty of reasons. So for one day Sophie gets to visit her favorite places in this dynamic city.…

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  • Sustainable leather tanning and rinsing in a factory in France for leather goods. Leather an water falling out of a large container after rinsing

    What is Sustainable Leather?

    There’s nothing like the look, the feel, the versatility and even the smell of leather. Its popularity today is a testament to the wear ability and attractiveness of high-quality leather goods. In style and strength it can last for generations. However, the production of leather can be a concern to…

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  • Hunter celebrates, four giraffes drinking at a waterhole at sunset

    Cowardly Hunter Celebrates After Killing Elderly Giraffe

    Sustainability, conservation begins with respect. Self respect and respect for others, including animals. From her actions and her reasoning afterwards, Tess Thompson Talley lacks respect. The U.S. citizen paid money to South African authorities to track and kill a 4,000-pound elderly black giraffe for sport. Then she celebrated her trophy…

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  • Mexico City from top, colourful church and houses

    Sophie Goes To Mexico City

    Sophie returned to North America, this time skipping the United States in favor of Mexico City, the capital, business center and most important city in Mexico. The country in recent years has been under attack by U.S. President Donald Trump for bringing crime to America and for feeding off the…

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