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Here you will find the latest LUC8K updates, new product announcements and Sophie’s travel stories.

Follow our resident giraffe, Sophie as she travels the world with her authentic and exclusive hand-crafted LUC8K leather bags and accessories.

Please feel free to get in touch in case you would like to have more background information about any of the news items published here.

  • Canvas Weekender bag for travel handmade with waterproof canvas, orange leather strip along the bag including orange handles

    Handcrafted Weekender Bag

    For the first time, the weekender duffle bag is designed for both women and men, and is made from a new material. However, it still has all of the fundamental and distinctive characteristics associated with all our leather products. The handmade “Weekender” is a duffle bag made for those short…

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  • Luxury leather bags ambassador Sophie, a giraffe meets the meerkat Governor in the Kalahari grassland

    Opposites Attract

    Ever since Sophie was in London and saw a BBC movie about meerkats narrated by Paul Newman, she’s been obsessed with these tiny animals. Their long thin furry bodies just over a foot tall are designed for speed above ground and burrowing underground. They inhabit some of the most difficult,…

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  • Welcome to Japan sign board at Narita airport Tokyo written on it. welcome is written in many languages

    Sophie Goes To Tokyo

    Sophie Goes to Tokyo and Discovers Strange And Wondrous New World. LUC8K’s fearless traveler, Sophie, flew into Narita Airport and took the train to Tokyo to immediately discover that she was lost and confused. It is a common occurrence. Despite being a highly developed country, it is also one of…

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  • Personalised leather shopper bag with women's leather wallet inside standing on bench on a boat. behind giraffe swimming in ocean

    Sophie Tries To Disappear In The Paradise of Tonga

    Sophie Considers Disappearing in the Paradise of Tonga, Fiji and Bora Bora Tonga, the name and its far-flung location conjures exotic images of tropical flora and fauna, beautiful beaches and solitude. This reputation is well earned. The country of 169 islands is scattered liked pebbles over 700,000 square kilometers of…

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  • Handbags for ladies, Sydney Opera house roofs lit up in blue, in front water, behind black sky

    Sophie Goes Surfing In Australia

    Sophie’s going to the Land Down Under to fill her sense of awe and wonder, with custom handbags for ladies by her side she’s going for another great ride. If a novel was made about a place like Australia it would be deemed unbelievable, even for fiction. It’s a land…

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