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Here you will find the latest LUC8K updates, new product announcements and Sophie’s travel stories.

Follow our resident giraffe, Sophie as she travels the world with her authentic and exclusive hand-crafted LUC8K leather bags and accessories.

Please feel free to get in touch in case you would like to have more background information about any of the news items published here.

  • Sophie Goes To Amsterdam With A Heavy Heart

    After leaving the efficient and modern Schiphol Airport in a good mood ready to enjoy the city Sophie received terrible news. The giraffe has been moved from a species of “Least Concern” to “Vulnerable” by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, the organization that administers the world’s official…

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  • Sophie Goes To London

    Sophie is one smart giraffe. She knows when to come to London, right after the Brexit vote when the British pound sterling fell to lows not seen in years. She’s not the only jetsetter to take advantage of bargain prices for fashion and luxury. Big spenders from all over the…

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  • Sophie goes to Belgium

    Sophie begins her trip in Brussels, Belgium’s largest city, its capital and the capital of the European Union. The city, like the country, was founded during the Middle Ages and has preserved that heritage better than most of its neighbors. Despite the old world heritage the city is vibrant and…

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  • Sophie At The GoodFestival

    Sophie and LUC8K are all about sustainability. That’s why Sophie is in the beautiful city of Lausanne. It is where the GoodFestival is being held. The event discovers and promotes the “doers” who are building a better world. But first Sophie lands in Geneva and spends a couple days in…

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  • Sophie Boldly Visits Paris

    Paris is affectionately known as the City of Light, but for Sophie it is the city of color.In Paris, golden hues are most prevalent, from the stone used for many of its monumental buildings to the golden glitter of the street lights and the sparkle of the Eiffel Tower. The…

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