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Here you will find the latest LUC8K updates, new product announcements and Sophie’s travel stories.

Follow our resident giraffe, Sophie as she travels the world with her authentic and exclusive hand-crafted LUC8K leather bags and accessories.

Please feel free to get in touch in case you would like to have more background information about any of the news items published here.

  • Sophie Heads to Lisbon

    After years of being somewhat isolated from the rest of Europe, Lisbon became the hot and happening place to be at the turn of the 21st Century with new restaurants, nightclubs and modern design initiatives being created with blazing speed (and the help of EU funds). Then the terrorist attacks…

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  • Sophie’s Bucket List

    Italy, the long, narrow stretch of land that hangs off southern Europe has everything: miles upon miles of mountains and beaches, along with expansive farmland that serve as the foundation for one of the world’s great cuisines. The Italian people vigorously work to preserve its cultural, architectural and artistic heritage…

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  • Sophie the ‘Bit’ of Star Visiting the Land of the Midnight Sun

    Sophie is becoming a bit of a star. She appeared in a story on Forbes as the mascot for LUC8K. The story described her as exhibiting style and enjoying life while discussing the importance of sustainability. Despite her newfound fame, she remains a happy ambassador for LUC8K traveling the world…

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  • Sophie Goes To Rio 2016

    Brazil is a country of extreme poverty and enormous wealth, hardships and beauty, vibrancy and crime, enormous cities and pristine forests. Through it all Brazilians are united by the spirit of celebration. Even when they protest (which is often) they celebrate. They live in the moment and live the best…

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  • Sophie Seeking Answers The Only Way She Knows How

    Sophie Goes To Manila during Turbulent Change. Travel writer Paul Theroux once wrote that the best and most interesting time to visit a country was during times of unrest and revolution. It’s difficult to imagine that Sophie had this in mind when she decided to visit the Manila but she…

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