What Goes into Making a Luxury Handbag

What Goes into Making a Luxury Handbag

Luxury leather handbags are a key component of any stylish person’s attire, but have you ever wondered what goes into manufacturing these items? Probably not — after all, most of us just enjoy the look and use of a handbag — but these high-end designs are often crafted to perfection thanks to months of painstaking work. If you would like to find out more about the design and creation process behind our luxury handbags, then read on for an eye-opening guide that will allow you to see your handbag in a whole new light!

The Design Process

Before any work is completed with the materials, a handbag has to be conceived and designed. We aim to provide unique but classic pieces, which are distinctive without crossing into being gaudy or overtly novel. The finished design of a handbag is often the work of numerous teams and designers, who consider everything from the overall look of a bag to how useful it will be to the owner.

From the basic design, the piece then undergoes adjustments as per the customer’s bespoke requirements. We want to ensure that every finished piece matches what the customer has requested, so we work hard to note down every bespoke element to ensure a complete match.


Manufacturing Process of Luxury Leather Handbags

 With the design in place, the handbag is ready to go through the manufacturing process. All of our customized luxury leather handbags are manufactured in France, and all leather used undergoes an intense selection process to deliver the best possible results. All high-quality leather is pure Bull Poney and is selected from only the very finest breeding areas in France and across Europe, which allows us to guarantee the very best results with every piece we produce.

The leather’s production technique is complex but essential to deliver the results we are keen to achieve. Hides are the first mineral tanned, then dip-dyed. This process helps produce a lightly grained leather aspect, which is incredibly soft to the touch while remaining durable for daily use. Furthermore, the leather we work with is left in as close to its natural state as possible, with the features and marks sustained in the animal’s life reflected in the finished product.

When the leather is ready to be used, the exclusive handbag is assembled as per the agreed design. This will usually include introducing the key waterproof lining that is supplied with all of our bags, allowing customers to achieve style, sophistication, and practicality all in one handbag. It is also worth noting that all of our pieces are handmade to deliver the best possible results, with keen attention to detail that maintains the standards we expect from our pieces.

Finally, the finished unique handbag is ready to be sent to its new owner. We ship finished pieces around the world for free, so wherever you are based, you are sure to be able to take advantage of the incredible pieces we’re able to produce at LUC8K.

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