Sophie Goes To London

Sophie Goes To London

Sophie is one smart Giraffe. She knows when to come to London right after the Brexit vote when the British pound sterling fell to lows not seen in years. She’s not the only jetsetter to take advantage of bargain prices for fashion and luxury. Big spenders from all over the world are coming to London to benefit from the low prices for high-end goods.

But it’s not just bargains that bring Sophie to London. It’s the famous style that the city is known for. In particular bespoke tailoring and craftsmanship, from fine shirts and suits to custom-made shoes, that range from the staunchly traditional to modern and chic.

As the ambassador for LUC8K, Sophie has a strong appreciation for bespoke products and the care and attention that goes into a crafted product that is unique and special.

Sophie also went to London to follow in the footsteps of the world’s most famous secret agent, James Bond. The man is known for tailored suits and shirts from London’s famed Savile Row, Swiss-made Omega watches and for his most famous drink, the Vesper Martini (“shaken, not stirred”). It’s a sort of super martini that combines vodka, gin, and a product no longer available, Kina Lillet, a French aromatized wine that gives the Vesper its distinct, bitter edge.

Mixologists say the ingredients in Bond’s preferred drink are too harsh to be enjoyable and shaking the cocktail increases that harshness as well as more quickly dilutes the alcohol with melted ice. Sophie was undeterred by the criticisms. To get the closest thing to the real drink, she went to the comfortable confines of Artesian, winner of the “World’s Best Bar” for four consecutive years by Drinks International. After sipping on the cocktail Sophie agrees with the experts that it is too harsh. She also discovered the high alcohol content got her surprisingly tipsy rather quickly. Seeing that one Vesper is more than enough she slowly made her way back to the streets, but not before bumping her head on the doorway.

Being one of the tallest animals in the world has its benefits. It includes being able to recover quickly from having too much to drink. Back in her stride, Sophie set her sights on London’s royal flair. She first went to Buckingham Palace and saw first-hand the discipline of the palace guards as they remained at full attention despite the spectacle of a 15-foot tall giraffe coming toward them. She journeyed out of central London to Windsor Castle to view a special exhibition of dresses worn by Queen Elizabeth II to celebrate her 90th birthday. Every day seems to mark a new milestone for the world’s longest-reigning living monarch. Her collection of dresses showcases the work of leading British couturiers who have been appointed as dressmakers to The Queen and also illustrates her support of British fashion.

London is such a large and complex city with so much to experience that you can never do it all in one visit. It can be very tiring as well. Sophie found the perfect place to sleep, the Gir Lion Lodge in the London Zoo. Yes, the zoo rents out small lodges where one can stay overnight amongst the animals.

Sophie never slept so well.

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