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Sophie Goes Off The Beaten Path in San Francisco

Sophie Goes Off The Beaten Path in San Francisco

The story of San Francisco isn’t written in the history books of academia. Its character, history, color, and mystery are instead recorded in novels, spoken words, and songs. It is in this colorful city of steep hills, cable cars, and clouds of mist where Sophie decided to visit next, taking her handcrafted LUC8K Weekender canvas bag, leather tote, and her lucky reversible leather belt. San Francisco is a city whose history consists of booze, drugs, and brothels. It’s where gay Americans first congregated openly en masse. It was always a place with counterculture instincts and a strong creative bent. Of course, today’s biggest influence is from 20-something-year-olds who turn the world around (for better or worse) with disruptive innovation. It...

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