French And Italian Leather With “Joie De Vivre!”

Capture elegant French Style with High Quality Leather Accessories That Define Your Style

France produces some of the best quality leather available that is produced in sustainable conditions. With proper certification of this standard of quality. At LUC8K, we source the highest standards of Italian and Napa leather for our products, not just because it’s ethical, but because it’s locally sourced from France and Italy and known for its stylishly soft consistency, as well as its durability.

This enables us to create sustainable custom bags and accessories that reverberate the real quality of your style so that you can look elegantly stylish and “LIVE YOUR COLORS” for longer.

The hides for our elegant leather bags and accessories are naturally tanned and dip-dyed. This sustainable manufacturing process and the materials used are locally sourced, ensuring that when you get the finest from LUC8K, you are getting the purest high-quality leather available.

We endeavour to helping you envision the journey that each custom creation embarks upon, by demonstrating quality and providing you with insight into exactly where your luxury sustainable bags and accessories are sourced from.

Creating The Best Customized Accessories Possible

The team at LUC8K takes pride in delivering handcrafted bags and accessories. From the customer service representatives that live and breathe our brand to our dedicated team leaders.

It’s their craftsmen and commitment to supporting a flawless process which makes that pride possible. It drives our success as a style brand.

Leatherworking is one of the oldest arts known to man that, to this day, creates both the material and exclusive luxury accessories. Which are still beloved all over the world by the people that love to live their style.

The Finest Professional Leather Working Techniques

At LUC8K, we use some of the oldest professional leather working techniques that have ever been discovered. These methods have been refined and expanded upon by our expert team, to create modern, trendy customized bags and accessories that respect the evolution of the craftmanship behind them. We take the time to select the highest quality materials, getting the best out of every hide, while dip-dying, creating fitting interiors, and adding extra polish.

5 pieces of smooth leather pieces in selected colors for exclusive customized leather products. Unique waterproof canvas on left lower corner

Our process with the selection, marking and cutting of high-quality leather hides. From there, we dye, skive, stabilize, and sew the pieces together to create your beautiful handcrafted handbag or accessory.

With our products, just as much work goes into the little details. From, choosing the right leather to contrast smaller parts of a bag, to customizing our handmade wallets, for instance.

Each chic luxury design has is its own challenge, which is why we dedicate ourselves to producing perfection every time with finest quality accessories that encapsulate and enhance your style.

We believe in attention to detail and carefully planning every single step of the way. Just as our suppliers source our leather from the highest quality French breeders, we use the highest quality of craftsmanship techniques to create a special style item for you to enjoy.

To LUC8K, creating customized handcrafted handbags and accessories is more than just a business or fashion. It’s a passion and the rich history of a craft that stood the test of time. This has been passed down for centuries.

Across the world, leather craft is a trade that provides us with some of the finest examples of modern style and craftmanship available.

We embody this in our core and create every single one of our exclusive personalized products to echo this long history of this tradition, luxury, and finest quality.

Sustainable Leather Accessories Made In France

Sustainable style is a core belief of both our director and our team. We believe in the U.N. Global Sustainable change in this area.

We aim to lead by example by demonstrating how companies can produce high quality sustainable goods. LUC8K aspires to become the market leader in this area. By continuing to innovate our manufacturing processes and advocating sustainable practices in everything that we do.

We are the opposite of a fast fashion brand, our customers opt for quality sustainable style. That doesn’t leave as much of a negative impact on the environment. Sustainability is not a marketing plug for us, it’s simply how we do things here at LUC8K.

Sewing machine producing customized leather products in France, needle inside black leather, golden thread. picture is showing how to sew high-quality leather

So, if you’re both style and environmentally conscious, with a thirst for quality. We have the luxury custom bags and accessories that embody your beliefs, as well as our own.