Giveaway • You Are Our Amazing Customer Champion

Giveaway • Contest; Every brand has its own story and part of our #luc8k story is #sophieluc8k

Giveaway • You Are Our Amazing Customer Champion
December 24, 2017 LUC8K
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Our Sophie decided to run a Giveaway Contest at the end of the year 2017. Who is Sophie? She is our favorite client and spokeswoman and she is the one individual who most closely personifies the LUC8K experience. Sustainable practices are very important to Sophie. You might even say her life depends on it. So far she has been traveling to 23 different countries around the globe sharing her excitements, experiences, her thoughts and her love for colors. LUC8K stand for “LivUrColors”, 8 is our “lucky” number and “K” the first letter of its founders name who is “Karen”. Follow Sophies stories on our blog and news and experience why socially- and environmentally-conscious practices are important to us. We are independent and we are niche.

Customized leather bag with giveaway contest text, riddle me this, win your customized Luc8k

It’s only 9 days away till New Year’s Day now

This year we want to thank all our customer, followers and friends to be a part of the LUC8K family, because we wouldn’t be here without your loyalty!

We are glad to know that our work ethic and style does not go unnoticed. Our true conviction that sustainability creates value to us is seen as luxury. And so do you!

For that reason we are running a Giveaway Contest for the next 9 days. Each day we post a picture on our @luc8k Instagram feed with a riddle of the day. Each riddle and the first letter of it’s answer will lead to a final answer. Some solver might tell you that looking up the answer to a clue is ‚cheating, but to us it’s not as the fun part of it is that solving riddles is highly addictive.

Every day the riddle of the day will also be posted in this post. Stay tuned

Win Our Giveaways:


How does the Giveaway Contest work:

1.) Follow @luc8k

2.) ❤️ one post

3.) Insert the daily answer in comments of that post

4.) Tag 9 friends

5.) Use #sophieluc8k & #lic8k in post

6.) Contest ends 1st January 2018, 24:00 GMT +1

7.) You are smart

8.) Stay tuned

9.) Have much fun brainstorming

Contest Riddles:

Day 1.:
What is a power of perception beyond the five senses?

Day 2.:
What starts with a P
And ends with an E
And has thousands of letters?

Day 3.:
The strongest steel and the warmest kiss are nothing compared to that which is love,
That fear not only subsides
It turns into a cup overflowing with compassion?
What am I?

Day 4:
I have many feathers to help me fly.
I have a body and head,
But I am not alive.
It’s your strength which determines
How far I go.
You can hold me in your hand,
But I’m never thrown.
What am I?

Day 5:
White powder is used to create the white base for my characteristic stage makeup.
The red color of the kumadori indicates positive traits;
Blue or black, villainy;
Green, the supernatural;
And purple, nobility.
Who am I?

Day 6:
What two things can you never eat before breakfast?

Day 7:
What asks but never answers?

Day 8:
I’m the second planet,
I look like Jupiter
But I don’t have the spot.
What planet am I?

Day 9:
I am something,
I am a good servant
But a dangerous matter.
What am I?

The Winners will be chosen on Jan 8, 2018 and contacted by us. We will use a random name picker to blindly choose our 9 winners. Each of them will receive a voucher to customize their own personal LUC8K accessory on our online shop website.

Good luck to everyone from the LUC8K team