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History of Casablanca Artisan Work Leather

Artisan work leather, Casablanca is known for its high-quality craftsmanship

There are few places in the world better known for customized high-quality leather crafts than Casablanca. Though perhaps better known for the ground-breaking movie of the 40s, the city in west Morocco has attracted tradesmen and crafters for centuries. Right between the Mediterranean Sea and the high peaks of the Atlas Mountains, it provides stunning vistas as well as the home of LUC8K, where exclusive all our customized fine leatherworks are produced, influenced by a history of luxury, dedication, and timelessness the land around us represents.

Now, Morocco enjoys some of the finest art deco works in the world and contemporary architecture to go with the centuries’ long tradition of craft and artisanship that have always been a staple of the city.

Moroccan leather artisanship

It is that blending of fierce dedication to craft and European luxury and class that LUC8K seeks to embody in every exclusive piece we create. Rather than relying on artificial materials and easy manufacturing, LUC8K works with pure Bull Poney, high-quality leather sourced from some of the most exclusive breeding areas in France.

For the customized process, hides are sourced in full, mineral tanned and dip dyed. Both the process and the material are 100% natural, ensuring that when you get leather from LUC8K, you are getting the purest leather available. We endeavor to tell the story not just of our own craft but of the history of Casablanca in all our goods, too. We craft every cutomized luxury bag and accessories by hand, bringing the traditional methods and materials to life with design that echoes style and luxury so that every look and every color brings a touch of Moroccan opulence and history out for every customer.

Ensuring the best customized leather goods possible

Our handcrafted leather bags and accessories are the pride of the whole team, from our customer service representatives to our team leaders. It is the craftsmen and their process that makes that pride possible, however. Leatherworking is one of the oldest arts known to man and yet both the material and the exclusive luxury goods they create are still beloved all over the world.

5 pieces of smooth leather pieces in selected colors for exclusive customized leather products. Unique waterproof canvas on left lower corner

We use some of the oldest professional leather working techniques discovered, refined and expanded upon to create modern, trendy customized bags and accessories that have centuries of learning behind them. We take the time to select the highest quality leather, getting the best out of every hide while dip-dying, creating fitting interiors, and adding extra polish.

Our process begins with selecting, marking and cutting high-quality leather hides. From there, we dye, skive, stabilize, and sew the pieces. Just as much work goes into the little details, as well. Choosing the right leather to contrast smaller parts of the bag or leather wallets, for instance, is its own challenge, as making the rouleaux handles, creating the lining, and attaching high-quality zippers.

We believe in attention to detail and careful planning of every single step. Just as we need the highest quality leather to create our exclusive customized bags and accessories, we endeavor for the highest quality of craftsmanship to really transform them, too.

To LUC8K, creating customized handcrafted leather bags and accessories is more than just a business. It’s a passion and a craft that has been passed down for centuries, informed by the importance of Casablanca in the world of trade and finest craftsmanship. We hope that every single one of our exclusive personalized products echoes this long history of tradition, luxury, and quality.

Sewing machine producing customized leather products in Casablanca, needle inside black leather, golden thread. P{picture is showing how to sew high-quality leather
Customized work in leather shop Casablanca, dark wooden table, high quality leather pieces, leather tools. Written text, Luc8k where everything is handcrafted