How Handmade Leather Belts Are Making A Statement

If you want to make a statement with handcrafted leather belts, then make sure you’re making the best statement possible

How Handmade Leather Belts Are Making A Statement
April 15, 2018 LUC8K
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The natural look has always been in fashion, and leather holds a particular place of prominence in fashion. When it’s done well, few materials match the timeless look of handcrafted leather or the supple smoothness of its touch. But with so many options, including synthetic materials, leather is becoming more than a look and more than just a practical choice. It’s becoming a statement. Nowhere is this more prevalent than when choosing a handcrafted leather belt.


It’s the work that goes into them

The “handcrafted” part of handcrafted leather belts is part of what makes them so appealing to so many people. In an all too exposable culture, garments seem to be built to break down almost as quickly as they are manufactured. With handcrafted, you know that the time and effort has been spent ensuring that every piece of leather is tanned, dyed, and cut carefully. That every stitch is applied with the precision that only a practised human hand, a master craftsman, can provide. Handcrafting is more than just a fad, it’s a promise that effort and ingenuity have gone into creating a belt specifically for you.

Handcrafted leather belt showing the Luc8k logo, belt is on white background

It’s the appeal of the natural

When pressed to answer, most people will agree that “natural” is superior “synthetic”. But why is that? First of all, the notion that all kinds of chemicals and artificial materials have gone into creating your clothes isn’t a comforting one. We like to know what we’re wearing without the help of a degree in Chemistry. Because it’s made of animal hide, you get the kind of suppleness and softness you would expect of the natural world. Traditional and synthetic fabrics tend to have a rough, scratchy surface that can leave irritation on contact with bare skin. With leather, that’s not an issue. As well as the look, you get a belt that’s comfortable to the touch and won’t leave your skin red and raw if it rubs against it.


It’s the classic look

Leather is timeless. That’s not an overstatement. We humans have literally been wearing leather for thousands of years. While, initially, we used it to protect ourselves from the elements (and it’s still used to some degree for that), nowadays, it has become a fashion icon. You don’t need to rock the full leather jacket look to get the iconic cool that a leather belt can help you manifest just as easily. Regardless of your personal style, just one strip of leather can be enough to add that sense of class to your outfit. With handcrafted goods, you know you can rely on it to avoid peeling or cracking too early, too.

Handcrafted leather belt with silver buckle infinity on white background, sky blue handmade leather belt

It’s Versatile

There are literally dozens of outfits that a good leather belt can go with, as well. For one, with sustainable dip-dying techniques like those perfected by Luc8K and a wide selection of buckles and styles, no one leather belt has to look like the next. You have as many varieties as you have outfits you want to complete. That said, a single leather belt can be a key component of a plethora of outfits. It can be used to tie the waist of a summer dress and accentuate the natural shape of your body. It can be paired with a bold, red evening dress to add a touch of contrast to an otherwise monotone outfit. Of course, the leather belt is the staple of the rough, urban style of ripped jeans and bulky jackets, too.

Handmade leather belts, 5 different coloured leather belts on white background, purple, sky blue, petunia green, red and canvas belt

Handmade Leather Belts Are Practical

Alongside the emotional and fashionable impact of leather, you can’t ignore just how practical a reversible leather belt is. For one, leather is significantly stronger than other belt types, much less like to start coming apart from the strain of the task. It’s also odour and stain-resistant, so it’s easy to keep fresh and clean with a simple wipe. On the other hand, some natural and synthetic belt materials are difficult to wash but much more likely to retain marks and odours that can render them completely unwearable. Leather retains its value and strength for much longer than other belts, so you’re not going to need to find replacements before too long.

If you want to make a statement with handcrafted leather belts, then make sure you’re making the best statement possible. Luc8k sources some of the most exclusive, high-quality hides in Europe and combines them with a tradition of artisanship found in France unmatched the world around. Take a closer look at our reversible customisable belts and see if they don’t make exactly that statement you’re looking for.

Detail picture of a belt buckle backside. Silver infinity buckle
Handcrafted leather belts buckle in antique brass mounted on a designer leather belt
Handmade Leather belts buckle infinity, back side of the buckle showing the name of the brand Luc8k

The interchangeable leather belt buckles come in silver plated metal solid and antique gold brass solid. Two sizes are available, one for men and one for ladies.

Sustainability is the soul of LUC8K, on one for our reasons.

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