How to pack intelligently – for the Cosmopolitan Woman

Start your journey by packing intelligently

How to pack intelligently – for the Cosmopolitan Woman
August 19, 2019 LUC8K
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At LUC8K we know that the Cosmopolitan woman loves to travel. Whether you are jetting off for business, pleasure or a combination of both, you need to cart along luggage! Packing intelligently and with some thought upfront may sound like too much hard work – but it has huge benefits when you arrive on the other side of your journey.

Style, class and elegance can be carried in your suitcase. You don’t have to spend your holidays in crumpled up clothing and mismatched colors. Take your #newluxury ambiance with you no matter where you are going, ensuring that you look classy, upmarket and sophisticated.

The Cosmopolitan woman sees the world as her oyster. She embraces every opportunity she can find and explores it. Travel opens our minds, exposes us to new experiences and makes us one with other cultures, traditions and mindsets.

The new millennial Cosmo Girl is so into travel, that she has decided to stall her professional career for a while until she has indulged her Wanderlast. And we love that – why start climbing the corporate ladder when you can climb the magnificent snowy Alps first!

Business woman on phone while sitting on airport waiting for packing intelligently

Treat yourself to a luxurious handmade weekender duffel

Carrying a personalized weekender LUC8K duffel immediately sets you apart from the crowd and the ‘label manic’ fans. You are defining your own style! Your bag is created by you in colors of your choice. Every LUC8K bag is branded with a unique number of 4-digits chosen by you. It can be a functional number – how about a birth year? It can be mystical or a secret code – you choose.

Packing intelligently is easy if you follow a few simple rules

  • Separate what you want to take into clothing, shoes, toiletries and techno gadgets.
  • Think about every piece of clothing and make a decision – do I need it? Go for basics like solid colored tops, skirts and pants that you can mix and match to create multiple outfits. Include a brightly colored Wrap Dress Fürstenberg for variety – it will be awesome for the day as is, and perfect for the evening with a sensuous soft cashmere throw over your shoulders.
  • Jeans are seriously heavy and bulky. Plan to wear yours on the plane and make do with just one pair. Rather go for eco-friendly, sustainable fabrics like cotton and linen. They are comfortable, lightweight, classy and have a feel-good vibe.
  • Shoes, shoes, shoes! We all have dozens and they cannot all go along for the trip. For the cosmo city vibe when checking out the cool landmarks, pack in your flandals or comfy sneakers. Take along one pair of sky-high heels for the rooftop restaurant.
  • Leave out bulky hair dryers, your luxe hotel will certainly have one in the room. Same applies to shampoos and soaps. Decant them into smaller containers or try the brands that the hotel supplies – you may be pleasantly surprised. You aren’t going into the jungle – there are shops around if you really have to get the brand you want.
Passport and boarding pass for traveling and packing intelligently

Pack in layers and make your life easy

Start with bulkier items like sweaters at the bottom of your case, and lay them flat. Shoes must be in shoebags – you don’t want them loose. Put your lacy underwear into a lingerie bag and pack at the bottom where it is protected.

Then softly roll up your lighter items and place on top. Rolling prevents creases and makes the best use of space. Use smaller items like socks and accessories to fill the gaps.

Will you be sipping an exotic cocktail from an ice glass at the Xtracold Icebar Amsterdam? Don’t use valuable space in your bag. Carry your trench coat and stash it on the plane. You can always snuggle up under it and it will be far more cosy than the airplane blanket.

Off to the sun-kissed Cote d’azure? Make sure to take along your sunscreen, a funky summer hat and must-have shades. A skin mist will keep you looking cool and sophisticated no matter how hot the weather gets.

Lastly – pack an empty laundry bag. Your dirty clothes go straight in and are easily kept apart from the clean ones.

Packing intelligently means being aware of your weight

The last thing you want when sashaying through customs is to be called out about your bag being over-weight. Weigh your bag, stop packing and lock it!

Keep techno gadgets close

Cosmopolitan woman can never be far from their mobiles, laptops, iPads and all-important powerbank. Carry all your techno gadgets in a matching handmade tote that you keep close. You can whip them out as soon as your flight touches down and find out what you have missed. Your techno gadgets are much safer in your hands than vanishing off into the dark recesses of the luggage hold.

Have all your travel docs close at hand

Travelling means documents. Passports, flight tickets, transport vouchers, itineraries, credit cards, access cards and the rest. For those docs that don’t live on your electronic media, you need a compact and stylish purse. Our handmade wallets are the perfect choice. The smart design offers an array of compartments, slots and holders for easy organizing and access when you get to the front of the departure queue.

Why not deviate from your itinerary?

Having an itinerary is cool, but we love to discover, be different and do the unexpected. After you have explored the landmark sights of a city – get out into the surrounding region and see what you can find.

How about a dark creepy ghost tour of Berlin? Spending time in Milan? Enjoy a scenic drive from Milan to Cinque Terre to visit the five amazing colored villages clinging perilously to the cliff sides.

Fine-dine in elegant luxury at Mirazur in Menton France. Then use your fingers and sample exotic shumai street food in Hong Kong. Add some sweetness to your adventure – learn how to hand-craft artisan chocolate in Zurich. Discover the secrets of baking the perfect macaron at Galeries Lafayette in Paris. #RealWoman are ready to take on any challenge.

Packing intelligently makes your trip stress free, leaving you time to enjoy your vacation. You don’t struggle with clothes, cosmetics, accessories and laundry at home – so why do it when you are away?

And, of course, no matter where you are in the world, you will be ready for any adventure with a personalised shopper bag with your LUC8K lucky number branded onto the front. Take along an empty shopper bag to be filled with the treasures you discover on your trip.