Sophisticated Style Will Make You That Cosmopolitan Woman

Style yourself for success

Sophisticated Style Will Make You That Cosmopolitan Woman
July 9, 2019 LUC8K
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Being a high-flyer in the modern world requires attention to detail and work. But, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have fun. Styling your looks from the top of your head to the tips of your toes is an awesome challenge. It will make you feel like a million dollars when you enter the boardroom or sashay into the rooftop club.

Your clothes, shoes, accessories, make-up, hair and nails define your sophisticated style.

They make you – You. An individual who knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. The Cosmopolitan Woman is all about fashion but not fads. She is about chic style and classy clothes that won’t fall apart and look tired and sad after one wash.

The Cosmopolitan Woman knows how to recognise class and tailor it to suit her unique personality. She fully embraces ethical, clean and sustainable natural products. Think beautiful natural cottons from Egypt, soft, warm mohair sweaters from South Africa and ethically sourced genuine leather bags from Europe. The Cosmo woman knows that she will never sacrifice the planet in order to look stylish. Embrace the #newlyxury movement and help preserve Mother Earth!

So where to start?

Woman jumping in sophisticated style happily with umbrella in her hand, behind yellow wood wall

Take a close look at your wardrobe

Open up your wardrobe and take a deep breath! Do you have a confusion of ex-boyfriend (or maybe current boyfriend) tees and baggy pants? Grab them all and head for the garbage bin. Then ditch those items that are worn out, turned pale by over washing or are fraying at the seams. Your look needs to be classic, chic and elegant.

Dress professionally for the office

Style your work wardrobe with choice pieces that can be mixed and matched. A few pairs of sleek pants in neutral colours is a must-have. Pair them with a sophisticated shirt top in a matching or contrasting solid colour for a day at the office. A tailored jacket does wonders for your confidence when worn over a plain blouse and skirt. How about carrying your laptop in a handmade bag with your lucky number branded onto the front? Only you know what this mystical number means and you are not telling anyone.

Sophisticated style for a fun day outing

Cosmo Girls love to have fun. Whether you are meeting your bestie for afternoon tea at Balthazar in London, heading to the gallery opening of your newly discovered artist, or setting sail for a day outing on the lake, you always look elegant and relaxed.

Make sure you choose suitable attire. You don’t want to strut along the wooden boardwalk in 6-inch stilettos. Or, burn to a bright red in a sleeveless sun dress on a super-yacht. Go casual, but stylishly.

Designer jeans are a must-have. Pair with a classic striped shirt or a perfectly fitted cropped top. Fun florals and prints are great for day outings. Show your personality and sophisticated style with bold wild animal designs or demure Japanese cherry blossoms – it is your choice.

Sophisticated style, dressed in red and white shirt, red umbrella, woman walking along a pier at a lake

Glam up for an evening affair

When the sun sets, the Cosmopolitan Woman takes up the challenge. A Gucci LBD is a staple but you know how to mix it up too. Ankle length skirts with seductive high side slits will wow. A soft, silky flowing wide-leg pant-suit make you look as if you are floating into the venue on air. Summer is the time for those sky-high barely-there sandals and winter calls for thigh hugging genuine leather boots. Glitzy is good as long as it stays tasteful and classy.

Spoil yourself with beautiful accessories

No outfit is complete without well thought-out, timeless accessories and the Cosmopolitan Woman knows this.

Uplift any look with stylish accessories

Take advantage of summer and bare skin to show off loads of Sterling Silver bracelets on bare arms. Wear your sentimental lockets with a deep V-neck top that will accentuate it to perfection. In winter, showcase your necklaces with an ultra-soft turtle neck cashmere sweater.

Earrings complete your sophisticated style and look. Be ladylike with tiny pearl drops or go casual with dangling hoops. Wear genuine gold or silver, avoid imitation metals that will tarnish, flake and look cheap after a season.

What about carrying all your baggage?

We all carry loads of stuff around with us and that’s fine. The key is to do it in style. If you are heading out with the girls, a fab genuine ladies’ leather tote is a must. For the office, a classic handmade lady handbag and a matching leather laptop bag will take you from meeting to meeting.

When you hit the glitzy dinner affair or the corporate year-end award ceremony, you need to scale down. Carry only the most important essentials in a tiny genuine leather clutch – just make sure it will accommodate your mobile.

Get creative with scarves and wraps

The Cosmo Woman knows how to accessorise with scarves and wraps. They are easy to use and will instantly transform an outfit. Knot them around your neck as a necktie. Let them flow loosely over your shoulders. Turn a loose shift into a form-hugging delight with a scarf belt and show off your silhouette. Glam up a tote by winding a colourful scarf around the handles.

About to be caught in an unexpected drizzle? Cover your head with a scarf Audrey Hepburn style, and step out – you will look as if it was all planned in advance.

Who sees your underwear?

Whether your underwear is for your eyes only or to be shared with someone special – it cannot be drab, ill fitting or fetched from Grandma’s closet. The Cosmo Woman chooses awesome high-class underwear for every occasion.

Separate your work underwear from your evening-out underwear. You don’t want to show off a diamond studded bra strap in the Monday morning planning session.

Hair, nails and make-up

Don’t hate your hair. Get your stylist to work with it to bring out the best. Curly is great, straight is great, long or short is great. Make sure it is always clean, styled and suits the occasion.

Your nails should be works of art, find a nail technician and go wild! It is super fun and you get to relax and sip a glass of vintage French Chardonnay while she lets loose with her creative talents.

If you are not a pro with make-up, take a few lessons, it is an essential part of completing your look. Make-up is never over done or smudged. Learn to apply your make-up professionally, artfully, with sophisticated style, fast and without a huge fuss.

After all, you have things to do, places to be and super people to meet!