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  • Welcome to Japan sign board at Narita airport Tokyo written on it. welcome is written in many languages

    Sophie Goes To Tokyo

    Sophie Goes to Tokyo and Discovers Strange And Wondrous New World. LUC8K’s fearless traveler, Sophie, flew into Narita Airport and…

  • Sophie, the giraffe holds an elegant custom business card holder, behind her the a image from Google Earth Pro of the earth with clouds

    Sophie Is Gaga Over New LUC8K Custom Business Card Holder

    Sophie is running up to startled strangers giving them her business card and asking for their cards for no apparent reason. Who knew Sophie had business cards or even a business. It turns out Sophie isn’t interested in doing business. She just wants people to see her new exclusive custom business card holder. Sophie always gets excited when LUC8K unveils a new product but this time she’s actually jumping for joy over this new leather card holder. The compact and handy leather card holder is handmade…