Sophie Boldly Visits Paris

Sophie Boldly Visits Paris

In Paris, golden hues are most prevalent, from the stone used for many of its monumental buildings to the golden glitter of the street lights and the sparkle of the Eiffel Tower. The changing seasons provide an array of natural color at the Jardin du Luxembourg and Jardin des Tuileries. Not to mention the colorful clothes worn by its fashionable residents.

LUC8K is all about fashion and color (“Live Your Color” is its motto) and so is Sophie. She is very much at home in this magnificent city strolling along the boulevards, sitting outside the cafes, enjoying the endless number of bistros, and of course shopping.

She visits the hippest store in the city, Colette. The stark white interior with a clean, minimalistic feel speaks to fashionable men and women. Her Tote Bag comes in handy as she makes purchases, not only for herself but for someone else. Is there someone special in her life?

Fashion is not only visible but it affects other senses as well. The French are as famous for perfume as they are for clothing and accessories. So Sophie couldn’t visit the city without entering the House of Caron, the emporium of superbly balanced perfumes poured from beautiful crystal fountains into bottles adorned with traditional gold thread—proving that House of Caron is not only a palace of sensual scents but a visually exciting experience as well.

Some of the scents remind Sophie of her African homeland.

The clove scents of Più Bellodgia remind her of Zanzibar. The woody fragrance of Lady Caron is reminiscent of the smell of wood smoke in the evening air, the stillness of mid-afternoon on a hot summer’s afternoon when nothing moves. In the end she chose Ylang, with its tinge of Madagascan green vanilla absolute.

As Sophie leaves Paris there is a bit of sadness as the city she loves has been facing difficult times with the terrorist attacks and high-profile robberies. It certainly hasn’t deterred Sophie from enjoying her stay. Bespoke Handbags are about being bold and adventurous and Sophie is the personification of the brand. There is no fear in Sophie.

Sophie’s visit to France isn’t quite over

For a bit of fresh sea air, she headed as far west as one can go in mainland France to Pointe St-Mathieu. The rocky coast is most known for the ruins of the Abbye Saint-Mathieu-de-Fine-Terre, which dates back to the 6th century. The remains of the massive monastery tell a tale of its prosperity monastery dedicated to Matthew the Evangelist, whose skull it is believed to have once contained.

Sophie was able to climb to the top of the 110-year-old lighthouse nearby for an impressive view of land and sea. On one side of the point is the Monument National aux Morts en Mer, honoring sailors who died serving their country during the First World War. The low 19th-century fort below has recently been turned into a cenotaph, recalling those who have died at sea for France during its many conflicts.

Today the point is known for ferries that take people to the island of Ushant. Sophie skips the ferry to relax at a café overlooking the sea while deciding her next adventure.

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