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Discover our exclusive range of luxury leather bags and accessories that have been handcrafted in France to encapsulate all of the elegance and quality of chic French style. Each item is handcrafted with love, and a little bit of LUC8K, making them an elegant addition to your personal image and style repertoire.

Customized leather Tote bag in light beige and blue

Whether you’re at home or in an office, you will feel the epitome of elegance and class with your tote handbag. Leather bags are always classy!

Handmade leather shopper handbag in beige and pink

The shopper is your go-to daytime handbag. Functional, vibrant and stylish with enough space to carry whatever fuels your lifestyle – a must have for collectors of leather bags.

Handcrafted duffle bag with waterproof canvas and arctic blue leather

Are you planning a weekend Gateaway? This weekender bag is your trusty companion that’s suitable for all occasions. The cool thing is, it comes in a variety of color play.

Handcrafted elegant leather wallet in red and light beige

Our wallets are a great way to add spice to your life, and luckily, we have just what you need. Relax and give in to the joy of colors

Customized reversible leather belt yellow and beige

The reversible designer leather belt has an exclusive high quality formule for fashionable active people. Match it with one of the luxury infinity belt buckles.

Handmade bag charm, portrait of giraffe made with colourful beads

The handcrafted bead Bag Accessory, Charm and Keychain by Mike and his talented friends from the surrounds of Johannesburg, South Africa is a colorful Giraffe token.

Customized made leather bag, blue and beige on table in a shop

Invest in You

Customize your leather bags – luxury tote bag, shopper or duffle.  Personalize your wallet. Create your own belt and leather accessory. Choose your colors. Use your distinctive sense of style and present your own playful and bold approach to fashion. Get your product you believe in.


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Giraffes jumping and running in a salt pan

Feel Good

Fashion with personalization, Style, and the sustainable luxury’s mindset are no doubt essential part of our business and our leather bags.  Outstanding quality, made-to-order and positive levels of performance in the supply chain provide an emotionally charged service. ‘Creating emotional responses’ is our motto. At LUC8K we don’t brag, we make it personal.


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Made in France, new custom made leather bag in blue, black and giraffe head

Quality is Real

Making your product more popular and credible in the business our manufacturing process is hand-crafted and Made in France. Our team takes pride in delivering products that express your creative craving and personal magic.


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