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Embrace the wonder of Life and Make Your Own LUC8K

Embrace the wonder of Life and Make Your Own LUC8K

As Spring is finally in the air, the skies are blue and the flowers are starting to bloom, we feel immense joy in the fact that we are here, doing whatever it is we love, on this beautiful planet of ours. Like a little lamb with a spring in our step, we take a hop, skip and a jump into the world of luck, and what it actually means to you. Is it fate? Is it some kind of magical thing, like fairies who sprinkle magic dust over our foreheads as we sleep at night so that we wake up, avoid getting attacked by sharks and win the lottery?

Who knows.

In the grand tapestry of the cosmos, our existence is a marvel of astronomical odds way too complicated for even the brightest minds in the universe to make sense of, let alone us. We just make handbags. But consider this. You are literally one in a billion. The journey that led to your conception, the unfathomable convergence of factors that culminated in the creation of you, is a staggering cosmic lottery with odds that defy comprehension. There are better odds of Prince Andrew making a comeback tour with the Spice Girls than you actually being born. Can you imagine?

Yet, it happened, and you are here now, drinking expensive coffee, watching Netflix, doing yoga, looking for a missing sock, worrying about grey hairs, screaming at the TV, crying at the dishwasher, buying shares, doing Botox, losing your mind, trying to do your bit for the planet yet complaining that paper straws are f******* useless.

A singular sperm cell, out of millions, somehow navigated its way through your mother’s reproductive system, propelled by an innate drive to unite with its destined partner. And in that moment of union, a new life was conceived, your life, a singular spark ignited amidst the vast expanse of the universe.

So, well done for that.

But your journey didn’t end there. From the moment of conception, a cascade of biological processes unfolded, each governed by its own set of probabilities and uncertainties. From the complex interplay of genes and chromosomes to the myriad of environmental factors that shape our development, the creation of you was a symphony of chance and circumstance. You were, quite simply, meant to be.

It’s truly mind blowing when you think about it. You really shouldn’t be here, and yet, here you are, curling your hair, taking selfies, burning toast, ordering stuff you don’t need on Amazon, putting diesel into your unleaded company car and losing your bitcoin password. You are a testament to the miraculous improbability of your own existence. For every one of us, there are countless potential beings who never came to be, whose paths diverged in the labyrinth of possibility. You are the lucky one, the beneficiary of a cosmic lottery that defies comprehension. How on earth did you manage that? You are like some kind of God particle thousands of scientists at CERN are spending billions trying to find.

But this is our take on it. Luck is not merely a matter of chance. It's a reflection of the choices we make, the actions we take, and the perspectives we hold. We may be the product of billions-to-one odds, but we are also the architects of our own destiny, capable of shaping our lives in ways that transcend the constraints of probability.

We can do whatever we like knowing that we are alive and free. We can settle down, have children, live in a caravan, quit our jobs or maybe get fired at some point by sending unacceptable text messages to a fellow female employee of a well-known F1 team based in Switzerland even though we’re married to a Spice Girl. We can travel the world, demonstrate against things that make us angry. We can drink with a group of nuns until we pass out, naked, on a tram.

We can live. We can breathe. We can do yoga swim class on Tuesday nights. We can have it all, lose it all, and still come out smelling of roses. We can identify as a butterfly and flutter away our sanity. We can skinny dip, dye our hair pink, and devote our entire lives to saving sharks and other rare and precious creatures. We can do nothing or make a difference. We can be a really bad Freddy Mercury impersonator. We can be anyone we want to be.

At LUC8K, we celebrate the miraculous convergence of chance and choice that defines our journey through life. The extraordinary nature of our existence is a testament to the beauty and complexity of the human journey, wherever it starts, wherever it may take us.



In the grand tapestry of life, there are instances where fate seems to intervene, altering the course of our lives in ways we could have never anticipated. Some call it luck, others destiny, but regardless of the label we assign to it, these moments hold a profound significance, reminding us of the fragility and unpredictability of life itself.

There are real life stories every day of people cheating death because of fate, or luck.

People who got locked in a toilet, so they missed their plane that crashed, killing everyone on board. People who should have been on a ship that sank had it not been for their car breaking down on their way to the port. People who escaped death by inches. Seconds. Minutes. Last minute decisions that saved their lives. Every day, across the globe, there are individuals who find themselves at the mercy of chance, confronting peril and uncertainty with nothing but luck on their side. From miraculous escapes from natural disasters to chance encounters that alter the trajectory of a life, these stories serve as poignant reminders of the inherent unpredictability of the human experience.

Some things we can control. Unfortunately, like Donald Trump, there are some things we can’t.

Yet, amidst the chaos and uncertainty, there is a profound beauty to be found in the simple act of being alive. It's a sentiment that permeates the ethos of LUC8K, infusing our creations with a sense of gratitude and reverence for the gift of our existence. We live in harmony with the world around us, cherishing every moment and every interaction as a stroke of luck in and of itself. The clue to how we feel is in our name.

In a world that often feels besieged by turmoil and strife, it's easy to lose sight of the remarkable privilege of being alive. We become ensnared by the trappings of routine and responsibility, overlooking the myriad of opportunities for adventure and exploration that beckon from every corner of the globe. But true luck, we believe, lies not in the absence of adversity, but in the ability to seize each day with an open heart and an adventurous spirit.

It's a philosophy that resonates deeply with the ethos of LUC8K, inspiring us to create not just handbags, but vessels for self-expression and liberation. Each stitch, each fold, is imbued with the spirit of seizing the moment, of living boldly and authentically in a world that often demands conformity and restraint. Our bags are not just accessories, but companions on the journey of life, reminding us to embrace the full spectrum of experiences that await us. But that’s us. That’s what we do. It’s what we sell. However, more importantly, how do we make our own luck in life?

Well, we think we all need to embrace the inherent uncertainty of existence by cultivating an attitude of gratitude and wonder for the world around us. We make our own luck by venturing beyond the confines of our comfort zones, by embracing the unknown with wide, open arms and hearts. And we make our own luck by living each day as though it were our last. Carpe Diem.

As we reflect on the profound significance of luck in our lives, let us not forget the countless souls who have been touched by its capricious hand. Let us honor their stories, their triumphs and tragedies, as testaments to the resilience of the human spirit.

As for us? LUC8K is not just a brand or a state of mind, it’s a willingness to embrace the unknown.

Let us never forget the remarkable improbability of our own existence. Let us cherish every moment, every interaction, as a precious gift bestowed upon us by the whims of fate. After all, it’s not the destination that matters, it’s the journey itself. And, with a little LUC8K, and a lot of courage, the possibilities are endless as we travel the world in search of the true essence of what it means to be here, to be human, alive and kicking ass.

Wishing you love, laughter, happiness, and all the best of LUC8K.

Until next time x


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