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Sustainable is the only way to go.

Traditional leather tanning is an environmentally harmful process. All our custom made LUC8K leather bags and accessories are made using sustainable practices throughout the entire process, right down to the packaging.

Made in France, with LOVE.

Lucky Number 8

We believe that a little LUC8K goes a long way. Eight is a lucky number and when turned on its side, it transforms into the infinity symbol. To us, it reflects the process of achieving harmony within a community of unique individuals.


Dedication to every handcrafted product

Our passion goes into every single product we handcraft. We love what we do and we’ll always stick to our values and principals - it’s what makes us who we are. We partner with innovative designers, world-class producers, and global creative talent to design and produce exceptional quality handmade leather goods.

The World of LUC8K