Our Story.
‘Sustainable style without compromise'

A Journey of Inspiration

Confidence to live your colour

LUC8K accessories arm you with more than just a beautiful bag or reversible belt. We give you the confidence to shine with luxury products that speak volumes for your own unique style.

Be fearless – be different – be colourful – be you.

Be brave. Explore the world, break the mould and truly be yourself. Sophie, our unique brand ambassador, encompasses and personifies the LUC8K brand experience. She brings a larger than life feel to the stories behind our stylish bags and accessories. Learn more about our significantly Sophie.

Break the mould · Be yourself · Live your colours

Make a lasting impression with a defined look that represents your lifestyle. We put love and a sprinkle of LUC8K into each handcrafted leather bag and accessory. You can also explore our range of luxury leather bags and accessories.

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