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Transparency Unveiled: LUC8K`s Ethical Leather Revolution

Transparency Unveiled: LUC8K`s Ethical Leather Revolution

This week’s blog is all about a dark and shadowy world where the truth is aloof and the facts don’t often speak for themselves. We’re not talking about Big Pharma or the oil industry. No, my friends, we’re talking about the world of high-end luxury. A world that often comes veiled in mystery, or BS as we like to call it, and we like to think that at LUC8K, we emerge as little, tiny, honest elves from Switzerland who beaver away in a workshop in France – always smiling and happy to show the world how we make the bespoke luxury leather bags you love and adore.

Championing the truth.

We never shy away from the truth, and we will always champion those who strive to make a difference. LUC8K isn't just a brand – we’re the unknown warriors, fighting the good fight for heightened responsibility in the fashion world.

With a profound dedication to sustainable fashion and leather production, we are only too happy to champion ethical practices that resonate deeply with our audience, because that’s what people crave more than ever in a world that is becoming less transparent, and more about how things look on the outside – and we believe it’s what on the inside that counts.

PU Leather vs Faux Leather: Important Similarities & Differences - Von Baer

True artisans of sustainable leather.

At LUC8K, transparency isn't just a buzzword, it's a big part of who we are and how we live our lives. We believe in laying it all out there, like an open book, or in our case, an open handbag. Our leather is certified from French hides, made by true artisans of the leather and farming industries. Our partners eat, sleep and breathe the work they do and we admire and celebrate their devotion and excellence in the production processes from beginning to end.

Happy French Moo Moo’s.

For starters, they care about our cows - we're talking about French pull poney here - beef that's been mooing, running and roaming around eating lush grass in the wide-open fields until one day, when they reach the prime of their lives, they end up as steak. Talk about a journey from pasture to purse - and not a single part of our cows is wasted.

red handmade weekender duffel bag handmade by luc8k in France

Beautifully bespoke.

We value the trust we have built between LUC8K and our loyal band of followers. They know that what we say is what you get. And what they want is exactly what they get – a beautiful unique, bespoke bag, made to order, in the colours of their choosing, and each and every piece is made with pure, unadulterated love in France.

Compared to humans, our busy little French elves tend to be less agitated and radical, instead perceiving the world around them with a naive curiosity and openness to challenges. In addition, due to their long lifespan, they are usually more patient than mere mortals.

Our bespoke bags take longer to make, but our customers love being a part of the entire process too. It's a little bit like enjoying and savouring a home-cooked meal. We make your bag for you, embodying your personality, your story, and it reflects the journey of your life so far. It’s Neo luxury at its finest.

Our 15ft giraffe leads the way.

The colors and choices we make in a world that is ready to challenge the way we consume things, it’s fun to have a bag made by elves for a brand that is endorsed by a 15ft tall giraffe called Sophie. Check out her blog HERE, where she is empowered and inspired by all the beautiful things and places in life, but also the not so good things around us. 

Peeling Back the Layers of Leather Industry Transparency.

Anyway, back to those leather luxury brands who aren’t as transparent. On the whole, the leather industry leaves a lot to be desired. It starts with the supply chains, where opacity reigns supreme, and while strides have been made, especially in Europe with laser markings on hides, true transparency remains as elusive as a fashion magazine that doesn’t feature a single picture or ‘news’ article about a Kardashian. The industry's perception of itself as a sustainable recycler often masks the deeper complexities of its supply chain and production houses.

Genuine Leather vs. Synthetic Alternatives.

Genuine leather, when produced responsibly and regionally, stands as a testament to sustainability. With its natural properties, durability, and biodegradability, it outshines synthetic alternatives. While artificial leathers make eco-friendly claims, their composition often includes petroleum-based materials, rendering them neither recyclable nor biodegradable. In the battle for sustainability, genuine leather will always emerge as the clear victor.

Targeting Transparency: LUC8K's Commitment to Honest Luxury.

LUC8K embraces opportunities for collaboration and growth. Through shared knowledge and open dialogue, we are helping to pave the way for a more transparent luxury landscape. In a world where transparency is paramount, LUC8K stands poised to lead by example, championing honesty and integrity in every aspect of our operations.

Again, unlike most luxury brands we could name (but we really don’t have time to go through an expensive lawsuit) we work closely every day with our tannery in France to make sure everything is done the right way, and this will never change.

An ethical and colorful dream team.

In a world clamoring for authenticity, LUC8K stands as a testament to genuine luxury - a luxury grounded in transparency, integrity, and responsibility. Join us, and Sophie, our brand ambassador giraffe, as we redefine the landscape of luxury leather goods, one smart, ethical and colorful choice at a time.

And may we all shine like beacons of honesty and transparency going forward, not just in our fashion choices, but in how we live our lives the best we can.

As always, live your colors, and we wish you all the best of LUC8K in this crazy little planet we call home.

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