Handcrafted Weekender Bag

Handcrafted Weekender Bag

For the first time, the weekender duffle bag is designed for both women and men, and is made from a new material. However, it still has all of the fundamental and distinctive characteristics associated with all our leather products.

The handmade “Weekender” is a duffle bag made for those short travel excursions when one bag is all you need. It is made of lightweight, durable and waterproof PVC coated canvas Made in Italy. This is a new twist for the company that made its name producing high quality leather goods.

The Design Of The Canvas Weekender Bag

The design of the handcrafted canvas Weekender bag is also new, yet retains and even expands upon the LUC8K brand identity. Our signature, the airline barcode, which normally graces the bag’s interior, now zigs and zags along the exterior of the grey colored Weekender bag creating a sleek, distinct and modern look appropriate for any level of travel.

Leather Handles And The Band

For the handles and a band around the canvas weekender bag we use high quality Italian Nappa leather, known for its silky soft touch. The inside liner is made of Alcantara® a vegan and eco-friendly, suede-like luxury material, Made in Italy. Like all our products the leather is available in several colors that match the lining and can be personalized with the LUC8K baggage code and your personal lucky number.

The Finishes Of The Weekender Duffle Bag

The canvas duffle bag also retains the high-end finishes and details that make our products a lifelong purchase, including gold metallic quilting seams, RiRi zipper closure, 34 antique gold finished studs on the bottom of the bag, a LUC8K spillage-safe waterproof coated dust bag and signature packaging.

Like all our handmade leather bags and accessories, the personalized canvas Weekender bag is made to order so delivery will take about six weeks and comes with signature packaging.

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