Sophie Is Our Favourite Client And Spokeswoman!

Sophie Is Our Favourite Client And Spokeswoman!

In a world of ever-changing fashion and trends, Sophie’s appearance is distinct and unique. She is tall and slender with long legs and curves in all the right places. She stands out in any crowd not only because of her height but because she radiates dignity. Her neck, like her legs, is long and lean. Her angular features remind one of a Victorian portrait. Her unusually long dark lashes reveal eyes that can stare straight into your soul. Words have little use to her as her facial expressions can deliver a message with much more effect.

The thing we enjoy the most about Sophie is her obvious attraction to color. She loves color. Every day, she is bathed in color that she uses to blend in with her surroundings and stand out among the crowd. That’s why she looks stunning in LUC8K bespoke leather bags and accessories. In the picture, she is holding a blazing yellow and living coral tote, but she looks just as good in every LUC8K color combination.

Sophie’s love of travel and nature encompasses the LUC8K lifestyle.

She roams throughout Africa where she can be spotted bravely and elegantly hiking the savannahs, grasslands, and open woodlands of the continent. She walks slowly and fearlessly with a distinct and elegant gait.

Obviously, LUC8K bags, although beautiful, serve a function for Sophie who prefers traveling on foot. As a staunch vegetarian, she often gathers her food among the plant life and uses her LUC8K bags to store what she collects.

Despite having a larger-than-life presence, Sophie wants to leave as small a footprint as possible through her travels and throughout her life. That’s another reason why Sophie buys LUC8K bags and is happy to be featured by us. She knows LUC8K makes their leather bags and accessories in an ethical and sustainable way.

The leather and other materials are acquired and tanned with fully sustainable practices. The bags are handmade in our atelier in France under ethical work practices. Even the packaging is sustainable. There are no compromises and all of our processes are fully transparent.

Sophie loves knowing that the bag she needs during her travels is not only beautiful, long-lasting, and fashionable, but it fits her lifestyle and is sustainable.

Sustainable practices are very important to Sophie. You might even say her life depends on it.

Next of Sophie’s adventure with her beautiful and functional customized leather bag.

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