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LUC8K Brings Beautiful Bespoke Handbags To Your Doorstep

LUC8K Brings Beautiful Bespoke Handbags To Your Doorstep

Everyone knows that luxury shoppers, with their bespoke handbags, are spending more time online and on mobile devices. A 2014 McKinsey report confirms this saying the digital medium influences at least 45% of all luxury sales. LUC8K combines traditional savoir faire with the digital world to help smart, savvy women meet their fashion and style needs.

For Confident Women in the Know

“LUC8K allows customers to choose their color schemes and other key aspects of their bespoke leather goods. This allows women to create bespoke handbags that match their personal lifestyle. LUC8K is a product for women who know luxury, fashion and style. More importantly it is for women who know themselves and are willing to challenge their beliefs.”

“LUC8K is fun and approachable, but also cool and luxurious at the same time. Everything we do, we believe in challenging ourselves”, says Karen Olivo, founder of the Swiss-based business. “We believe in daring and the way we challenge ourselves is by letting our high-quality products be co-produced by our customers. They define their own individual solution within a set of choice options. And together we make a great design and lifestyle product”.

LUC8K is for women who understand the value. The high-quality leather is sourced in France, the waterproof lining inside the bag is from Italy. Gold thread is produced in Germany. All exclusive bespoke handbags, cardholders, wallets, and accessories are individually handcrafted in LUC8K’s atelier in France. Sustainable practices are used from the sourcing of the materials to the delivery to your doorstep.

For all of this, the cost is expected to range from 380 – 1900 euros.

“There is no other player on the market that can deliver made to order bespoke handbags with this exclusive high quality,” Karen says. “Moreover, we will deliver within a maximum of two to six weeks.”

∞ Your Personal, Bespoke Lucky Numbers

The LUC8K logo on every bespoke handbag and accessory consists of a four-letter and a four-number pattern. The letters display airport codes printed as bar codes on baggage tags. As a result you choose your personal, bespoke lucky numbers. The four letters and four numbers together equal eight. The number 8 is LUC8K’s lucky number.
The genuine waterproof Italian fabric liner contains the bespoke LUC8K bag code quilted onto the bottom of our bags using gold metallic thread as our trademark. This guarantees that you own an original and exclusive genuine bespoke LUC8K product.

∞ High Quality Materials

LUC8K works with one of the world’s most prominent tanneries located in the interior of the French Basque country. The region produces full-grain Bull Poney premium grade hide. It has a smooth, soft feel that is unlike any leather in the world. The high quality leathers are mineral tanned and vegetable re-tanned. Colors are drum-dyed—a process that ensures the richest, fullest colors, while retaining the leather’s natural grain. The result is LUC8K fine leathers live and grow in beauty each day.

∞ Artisan Craftsmanship

All our exclusive leather products are handcrafted by our selected master team of craftsmen at the company’s atelier in France. The unique waterproof LUC8K liner is crafted in Italy from a structured cotton cloth with a waterproof acrylic resin finish.

∞ Wholly Sustainable Practices

Finally, LUC8K uses sustainable practices, from the sourcing of its materials, through the manufacturing of its high quality products right down to the packaging. It’s all part of the LUC8K experience.

∞ Community

Our website engages its customers and encourages them on their road to confidence and self discovery.

∞ Value

For all of this the cost is expected to range from 380 – 1900 euros. “There is no other player on the market that can deliver made to order bespoke handbags, leather wallets, leather business card holders and accessories with this high quality”, Karen says. “Moreover, we will deliver within a maximum of two to six weeks”.

∞ Fashion Nirvana

At LUC8K you don’t follow trends and you are not limited by what other retailers choose for you. You make your fashion decisions based on your lifestyle, your sense of exploration and your sense of purpose in the world. LUC8K gives you the ability to develop and nurture a lasting sense of style.

“While our name signifies luck there is nothing random about the way our customized leather bags are produced and how long they are designed to last. It is embedded in our exclusive products ready to accompany you on your journey to self discovery”

∞ An Endless Choice of Color

Customers can choose their design from a five-color palette selected by LUC8K from the more than 1,800 colors of the Pantone color chart. Thus we create trends by changing the five colors at least twice per year, meaning that the colors you choose will never be used by another producer.

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