Jacky Donatz Press Release

Jacky Donatz Press Release

Jacky Donatz is turning into an alchemist. The celebrity chef from Zurich is developing papaya salt for fine-tuned tastes. The Gault-Millau chef will be introducing his “secret” seasoning salt in Zurich.

Zurich, 24 Oktober 2017 – As part of the book fair in Zurich’s Grand Hotel “Savoy Baur en Ville”, Gault-Millau chef Jacky Donatz will be presenting his J.DO 8001 seasoning salt, exquisitely packaged by the Swiss designer brand, “LUC8K”.

“A hunch without reason is like a soup without salt”- Jacky Donatz. This is the philosophy that the passionate professional chef who bears the title of “Grand Officer of the Master Roasters Society” lives by.

Those who love a dash of luxury are sure to enjoy this bag of salt. And by the way, behind those letters J.DO 8001, there hides an as yet untold story. Jacky Donatz, who spoiled top-class guests for 17 years at the FIFA Restaurant Sonnenberg, is now found at the Parade Square restaurant, Coco belonging to the restauranteur, Michel Péclard: it’s located at the well-known 8001 Railroad Street (Bahnhofstrasse) address in Zurich.

Jacky Donatz’s new cookbook is a seductive tribute to his life as host to aficionados of the classic recipes that mirror his unique career. “My extra-large veal cutlets are legendary and known well beyond the borders of Switzerland. The pleasurable experience they provide depends, among other things, on the papaya salt that I use to refine the cutlet”, explains this multi-talented man from Graubünden.

Love of detail is important to Jacky Donatz. The presentation and handling of food are the names of the game in his kitchen. That is why he attaches importance to having his seasoning salt contained in a light-impermeable, hygienic, and classy package to enter the world of commerce. Sustainability is a lot different from just a “nice-to-have” in the world of gastronomy. Also, at “LUC8K”, it is all about top quality and sustainability in production. That is why the chef and the luxury label have managed to join forces.

The salt’s sachet is fabricated from the purest bull pony leather, tanned colorfast resource-efficiently in France, and finished by hand in France. A traditional family enterprise weaves the water-repellent inner lining in Italy. The exquisite seasoning salt, a mixture of Swiss salt, spices, and natural aromas, is mixed and prepackaged in the Zurich highlands.

“The collaboration with Jacky is a unique stroke of luck”, Karen Olivo emphasizes. We are a lifestyle brand of exclusive leather bags and accessories that combine sustainability with enjoyment. That is what sensuous living is all about. LUK8K stands for “live your colors”; the “8” is our lucky number, and “K” stands for Karen, the founder of LUC8K. Color is the perception of purpose. That is why one attributes appetite-stimulating effects to color. And that is what makes the J.Do 8001 salt sachet by LUC8K a sensual combination of luxury and indulgence.

The 500 grams of Jacky Donatz’s famous papaya salt in the hand-made bag of exclusive leather includes the recipe for the specialty, “Roasted Veal Cutlet ‘Jacky’ and can be ordered directly online at info@punchline.ch for CHF 70.-.


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