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At LUC8K we embrace the real woman in you

At LUC8K we embrace the real woman in you

There is a lot of hype around #RealWomen! At LUC8K, we have been speaking to #RealWomen since we conceptualized our brand. So welcome – we would love to take you on this journey with us.

Our luxurious products are designed for those women who simply are who they are – they don’t need to show off, shout a thousand words or try to prove anything. They are elegant, classy, confident and most of all,  know exactly what they want!

A great attitude makes a real woman

Getting on with it is the way it is done. You won’t find real women complaining, moaning, or making excuses. We simply do it and have fun while we are at it. Obstacles are there to be taken as a challenge!

Real women have awesome jobs

We know that you want a challenge in the workplace. You are not going to sit in a corner and push paper. Real Women strive to be better, learn more and climb higher. Your job is boring, and your boss is really a pain? Become an entrepreneur and start your own business that runs the way you imagine it should. You can multi-task, organize, plan and execute – why waste time where there is no future – create your own future and reap the rewards.

Prefer the more structured corporate world? Many Real Women hold top management positions or provide a strong pipeline of talent behind the CEO or CFO. Some are even holding the CEO positions, …. some … but certainly not enough! Realistically, the number of men vs. women in CEO positions still remains far too large. We would love to see experienced women being recognized and taken into consideration for these higher positions. You can be daring!

Multinational corporations offer fabulous opportunities to travel, learn and become key players in the global business world.

Less is more

Style is about sophistication and class and the thought that goes into putting an ensemble together. Our LUC8K products will perfectly complement both your casual day wear and your seductive evening outfits. Whether you visit your local mall or Rooftop 42 in Geneva, sporting a unique handmade tote is the perfect accessory. In a world of fast fads, it takes personality to go against the flow. The road to owning your identity is rarely easy. The Real Woman is all about style, and style means elegant, sophisticated, discreet, classic forms, and timeless designs.

Real women travel the world

Like our unique and amazing brand Ambassador, Sophie, Real Women want to travel the world. She is off to explore the Croatia Dalmatian Coast or learn about the natural amphitheaters, hoodoos, fins, and windows created out of eroded colorful limestone rocks in the amazing Bryce Canyon. She is sailing on a yacht on the Med and crossing the Sydney Harbour on a Catamaran Charter. Her handmade leather tote in nautical tones of sapphire blue and dune white is the perfect accessory.

No place is too different or too exotic. Travelling opens our minds, educates, nourishes our spirit. It makes us one with other cultures, traditions, and mindsets. You don’t need to agree with everything, but you need to experience it and be aware. Like Sophie, we love to share our stories and use our experiences to enrich ourselves and those around us.

Real women buy into the story that lies behind a brand

When it comes to style and dress sense, Real Women don’t follow fads and fashion trends. We certainly don’t buy brand names for the sake of buying brand names. And, we don’t buy into fast fashion.

We like to delve deeper into the brand and the concepts, meaning, people, and ideas behind it. At LUC8K, we have found that our story resonates with so many Real Women who see the bigger picture. They are not buying into so-called ‘eco-friendly’ products that are trying to position themselves with a premium image. We know that sustainable luxury is the future. It is all about a brand with sustainable, ethical values at its core and never deviates from that vision. Our customers love to hear that we use properly certified raw materials that are produced using humane employee practices.

Luxury goods are an investment for the future, designed to last season after season. Let us tease you with our LUC8K – lucky – concept for a bit of fun – We love fun!

Each handmade bag design is uniquely identified with a number chosen by you. It is branded onto the bag in a stunning gold font, making it truly yours. Spend time and design your handmade shopper, ladies’ tote, ladies’ wallet, cardholder, or weekender in colors that reflect your personality. Each item can be designed in a two-tone, offering variety and excitement.

Like a Real Woman, we know that you are prepared to wait for your handmade lady handbag or purse. It won’t arrive within 12 hours – the time is spent making each piece exclusive and unique. And, waiting for something special is all part of the journey too. Like a vintage wine, a luxurious item needs time.

What about the men in our lives?

Men, family, and partners are always part of life. The Real Woman has a sense of compassion and respect for others and for herself. She aspires to a trusting relationship with honest communication. If there is a special man in your life, let’s make sure he looks just as snazzy as you do!

Our exclusive range features fabulous unisex belts that you can mix and match to pair with jeans, skirts, or a flowing summer shift. Your man can wear one to match or contrast. The belts are reversible, so you can choose to have a different color on either side. Super stylish and versatile! The belt buckle is our Signature 8, which can be chosen in a silver-plated metal or gold brass finish.

You can also spoil your man with a stylish handmade cardholder for his business contacts. It is made of full grain dip-dyed leather and features gold metallic quilting seams and Italian waterproof cotton lining. Or, how about a handmade weekender for his business trips or for your weekend break-away to the Costa del Sol? This quality accessory is made from LUC8K signature canvass and Italian calf leather trim and offers a soft and warm touch. 

Bring your knowledge and skills to society

Real women make the time to bring their knowledge to society. We are active in local initiatives, country initiatives, and even globally. In the developing world, real women make a huge impact when they educate and empower those who are struggling under harsh conditions. Real women have empathy and never forget that not everyone has a life of luxury and abundance.

Join us on this journey!

Live Your Colors and brighten your world and the world of those around you. Take this opportunity to celebrate your individuality.


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