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Sustainability The Soul Of LUC8K

Sustainability The Soul Of LUC8K

Leather has a language of its own: sleek, sexy, tough, durable. It’s cool and hot at the same time. It’s modern and it’s classic.

It defies stereotypes yet it’s flexible enough to fit anyone’s lifestyle. From the cowboy riding to the sunset to the motorcyclist speeding down the highway to the fashion houses that line the most important shopping streets in the world, the material has a breadth of fashion and style that is unmatched.

At LUC8K leather is the most important ingredient in our handbags. That’s why we source our leather from one of the most prominent tanneries in the world located in the interior of the French Basque country. The region, one of the finest breeding areas in Europe, produces full-grain Bull Poney premium-grade hide. It is among the finest leathers in the world. It has the natural marks of animal life—including the grain and wrinkles—that show the authentic features of this living material. It has a smooth, soft feel that is unlike any leather in the world. LUC8K fine leathers are designed to live and grow in beauty each day.

Best leather tote handbag for ladies in black and beige

As Wonderfully Stylish And Durable As Leather Is

However, as wonderfully stylish and durable as leather is, traditional methods of leather tanning is one of the most toxic and wasteful processes in just about any industry. That’s why the vast majority of tanneries are now located in countries with little or no environmental regulations. The main culprit in the process is chromium, a toxic chemical that allows tanning to be done cheaply and efficiently. It’s estimated that 90 percent of the world’s tanneries use this chemical, which often ends up in the water supply in the communities that house tanneries.

At LUC8K we made a decision early to ensure that all of our materials were to be made in a sustainable manner. This particular tannery located in a rural region of Southern France uses fully sustainable modern practices to produce its leather. The tannery treats its effluents before it enters the municipal treatment plant. The tannery also conducts research and development in order to make its production processes cleaner and ensures it coincides with EU guidelines.

All LUC8K leathers are tanned using natural processes that take several weeks to complete. It’s not only the right thing to do but it also ensures the lasting quality of LUC8K leathers. Leathers are tanned first with a salt mineral process followed by a vegetable process. The result is leather that is resilient and smooth.

best leather wallet for ladies in black and red


Color is one of the most important aspects of LUC8K. We selected a unique group of colors from the more than 1,800 available in the Pantone color chart. You personally choose the color palette for your leather bags that match your fashion and lifestyle. To ensure the richest, fullest colors, all of the leathers are drum-dyed—a process in which leather is immersed in dye and tumbled in a rotating drum. This ensures maximum dye penetration.

Sustainability is in the soul of LUC8K. There’s a rising movement calling to attention the role of the fashion industry to use design, fashion, and highest quality of craftsmanship in a way that is environmentalsocially and economically sustainable. We want to be part of that movement.

Every brand has a story, read about our brand.

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