Sophie At The GoodFestival

Sophie At The GoodFestival

That’s why Sophie is in the beautiful city of Lausanne. It is where the GoodFestival is being held. The event discovers and promotes the “doers” who are building a better world.

But first Sophie lands in Geneva and spends a couple days in the beautiful city on the lake. Her first stop was the Jet d’Eau, the huge Fountain on Geneva Lake. It is the tallest fountain in the world, streaming water 140 meters into the air. It is said to symbolize the “strength, ambition and vitality” of Geneva and Switzerland.”

Karen with her bespoke Luc8k leather shopper bag in front of Jet d’Eau

Sophie of course had to get as close as possible walking up the pier to the end and getting soaking wet in the process. The tourists really enjoyed watching a 5-meter giraffe being sprayed water in the middle of a city.

She also visited, La Cité du Temps, a public exhibition space devoted to the world of time, which is Switzerland’s most recognized export. The building hosts a variety of exhibitions and activities and is the only place in the world where there is a permanent exhibition of Swatch watches.

After a few hours in Geneva, Sophie took the short train ride to Lausanne where the festival is taking place

Luc8k customised Shopper Handbag in Lausanne at the GoodFestival

Lausanne is beautiful, hilly walking city on the edge of Lake Geneva. Sophie strolls along the Ouchy on the edge of the lake. Her brief itinerary gave her a flavor of old and new Lausanne. First, she visited the Old Town ending at the majestic Notre-Dame Cathedral. She then visited the brand new Olympic Museum, where she became obsessed with the interactive displays showcasing the greatest accomplishments of athletes throughout the world.

While wanting to stay at the museum, Sophie knew she was in this quaint city for business and she makes her way to the GoodFestival. It is a festive atmosphere at the event. People from all over Switzerland and from faraway places are presenting their products and services that make the world better place to live. Sophie is enjoying the upbeat atmosphere and networking with people who are out to make a positive change in the world.

It is in the same spirit of the Olympics that the GoodFestival works in recognizing those in areas from the arts to everyday products and services who are making the world the world better place.

As ambassador of the Brand LUC8K, Sophie is extremely proud of Karen, who founded LUC8K and the Team behind it. LUC8K not only produces high-quality, customized handbags but does so in a wholly sustainable manner through every step of the way.

Sophie boldly visits Paris, ohlala…

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