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Sophie in Rome and Monaco

Sophie in Rome and Monaco

So where has Sophie been all this time? She’s been spending her days (and nights) with Governor the meerkat in South Africa, living an idyllic life. But now it’s time to head back on the road so Sophie gathered her exclusive Luc8k bags, her trustee cell phone, and she heads to the Eternal City, Rome, and then onward to Monaco to represent Luc8k at the Monaco Symposium on Luxury.

Sophie’s combination of travel-savvy, distinctive style, digital prowess, and her commitment to living a sustainably responsible life has made her a popular guest at conferences worldwide. It doesn’t hurt that she’s a giraffe and thus an intriguing conversation starter from the moment she enters a room—but first Rome.

If you walk a mile in Rome, you can pass through all of western civilization. This history has made the city a jumbled mix of ancient, medieval, and renaissance streets surrounded by a bustling modern city. Getting lost is easy to do in Rome and enjoyable because that’s when you accidentally stumble onto many of its secrets. Getting lost can also be a bit of a headache when on a schedule. Gone are the days of those hopelessly useless tourist maps as Sophie allows her phone GPS, which fits nicely inside her customized leather wallet, to help to her destinations.

If truth were told, Sophie was mostly led by her nose. When it comes to food, Rome is both a blend of Italy’s food and homegrown dishes from the many neighborhoods in and around the city.

Sophie sampled the cured sausages at Norcineria Viola and then to Roscioli bakery for pizza cooked in a wood fire oven. She sampled the classic Roman dish, cacio e Pepe—spaghetti served with butter, cheese, and black pepper—at La Terrazza and Ninos, where local ‘nonne’ (grandmothers) still run the Cucina. Sophie marvels over how such a simple dish could be so delicious.

As she walks through the city’s streets and dodges

the unrelenting traffic, she passes many of the city’s landmarks, the recently renovated and always magnificent Trevi Fountain, the ancient Roman forum, the Roman Colosseum, and the remarkable Pantheon, an architectural masterpiece.

Rome is the world’s most historic city. It is the center of life in a country that celebrates life. It also shares many of the same environmental struggles that place around the world deal with. Pesticides used for grain crops that surround the city are an issue that impacts its waterways. The massive amount of traffic inside the city and factories throughout the region causes a great deal of air pollution. The place that established the first clean public water systems has an extremely destructive thirst for bottled water.

It’s something that Sophie thinks about while traveling by train to Monaco. You heard correctly, Sophie is taking the trip by train. Maybe it was her time with Governor the meerkat. Or more likely, it’s because of the increased light and warmer temperatures in spring. Whatever the reason, Sophie feels a bit more romantic and a lot happier. The 13-hour journey takes her north to Milan and then South toward Genoa and then the Italian Riviera. Throughout the trip, she watches the countryside’s colors and the ancient architecture of the cities she passes. She finds herself more talkative. Again she credits the warmth and increased sunshine. As the train rolls into the most luxurious city in the world, Sophie is ready to spread the word of Luc8k.

The Monaco Symposium on Luxury is an academic gathering founded by the INSEEC Business School, Bordeaux, France, and the International University of Monaco. The two-day symposium will tackle a number of luxury-related issues. One of the speakers is Karen Olivo, the founder of Luc8k, who will be part of a panel, “Traditional Swiss luxury watchmakers and global/digital disruption.”
Sophie is looking forward to meeting Karen at the conference. Both of them are ready to tell attendees how the brand has managed to become the bespoke lifestyle company for the digital age and how it creates handmade sustainable luxury leather bags and made-to-order accessories. Also, they will tell anyone who will listen about the new colors they will add to their palette. Just in time for spring.

The Monaco Symposium on Luxury will be held on April 12 and 13 at Le Méridien Beach Plaza Monaco.

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