The beauty of colors and the magic of numbers

LUC8K is a Pattern of Numbers

I find numbers to be a source of inspiration. They are fun and beautiful. Most of all, numbers excite my mind. Growing up with a father who is an astrophysicist, I learned how numerical patterns encompass all that is life.

If you look closely at the center of a daisy, you will find spirals that go out from the center. Nature is all about Math, whether it is numbers of petals on a flower or the number of spirals on a pineapple. All of these applications we know as Fibonacci numbers.

What I find most inspirational about them are the beautiful patterns they display.

That’s why at LUC8K we think of numbers, equally with nature, culture, passion and efficiency as core values.

luc8k inspiration live your colors

Turned sideways 8 is the symbol for infinity ∞. Steeped in ancient religion, modern mysticism, and in mathematics, it has no edges, no beginning, and no end. The number 8 is LUC8K’s lucky number. Our genuine Italian fabric liner contains the bespoke LUC8K bag code, used in all of our luxurious leather accessories. It is quilt onto the bottom of our leather bags using gold metallic thread as our trademark. Indeed, that is guaranteeing that you own an original and genuine LUC8K product.