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Attitude, Sustainability and Luxury Lifestyle: Wear the Colors of your spirit

Sustainable style that embodies our devotion to creating a better world

LUC8K believe that sustainable style doesn’t mean compromise. Sustainability is transforming our industry. It is taking those seeking a luxury lifestyle towards a new era of ethical business and product transparency. This is why we provide world class custom luxury leather bags and accessories. Above all, sustainably, every day. Our business has created a spectacular blueprint for entrepreneurs who want to create a more sustainable business, while maintaining growth and stability.

The founders of LUC8K, Karen Olivo and Anette Mossbacher, believe that luxury style is being retold. Above all, it’s about telling a story. First, a story about building heritage. Second,  a story about creating a positive impact. And finally,  a story about looking and feeling fantastic. This is deepening the heritage of our product range. Into a story, not just a luxury style accessory. Superior quality and manufacturing in this way means that each customleather bag and accessory has experienced a story of its own.

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Each luxury leather bag and accessory that LUC8K make has been on an incredible journey. From the specially picked Bull Poney breeding farms of France, to the delicate French artisan workshops where your intricate custom creation is carefully pieced together. 

Manufactured in France, our luxury leather is lightly grained and soft to the touch. This allows your custom-made leather bag and accessories to uphold integrity and grow more beautiful over time. 

Functional, beautiful & fierce: who is leading the fight for sustainable business?

Karen Olivo is the talented Founder and President of the LUC8K Limited brand. Her combined experience surrounding life science and consumer and luxury goods make her the perfect voice for promoting quality sustainable style. Karen believes that the art of effective communication is a major factor in her success. Through this, she emulates the style, vision and objectives of the LUC8K brand. Essentially, creating products with both depth and character.

Karen has 23 years in-house and agency experience in sustainable international business practices. She has advised the CEOs and PR executives of many organizations on sustainability matters. With her experience in this field, she identified that accessory trends were taking a new, sustainable direction. Luxury style is being redefined. 

With the world now demanding environmentally friendly products that stand the test of time, Karen and her partner Anette Mossbacher decided to create a new frontier of luxury leather accessories. They embody their vision for a better, sustainable, and more colourful world for all. Hence, the LUC8K brand was born. And they haven’t looked back!

Sustainable style that embodies our devotion to creating a better world for everyone

Balancing quality and sustainability to preserve the environment is all part of the true luxury experience. People who care about their surroundings and themselves are willing to truly immerse themselves in the LUC8K experience, so we can continue working toward a brighter future for everyone. 

Karen and Anette’s motivation to create a more sustainable world is the driving force that take’s LUC8K from being just another leather brand, to being a leader in natural, beautiful luxury leather bags and accessories.

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LUC8K aims to build a community & spark creativity to give confidence to those who aspire to live with “joie de vivre”

Be fearless, be different, be colorful

We want you to be brave. To explore and break the mold. Truly be yourself.

Sophie, our amazing and unique brand ambassador encompasses and personifies the LUC8K brand experience. She brings a larger than life feel to the stories behind our stylish bags and accessories. Learn more about Sophie here.  


We want you to make a lasting impression, with a defined look that refines and represents your lifestyle. This is why we put a lot of love and a sprinkle of LUC8K into each handcrafted leather bag or accessory. View our range of luxury leather bags and accessories.