Sophie Experiences the Nightlife of Hong Kong

Sophie Experiences the Nightlife of Hong Kong

Sophie travels the world as the LUC8K ambassador and visits some places of great beauty and demanding challenges. When it comes to urban areas, Sophie’s favorite city is Hong Kong, and for plenty of reasons. So for one day, Sophie gets to visit her favorite places in this dynamic city.

It’s a world center of business and commerce. Its scenic harbor serves as one of the world’s busiest deep water ports. Its skyline can rival any in the world. It’s a truly 24-hour city. And it’s a meeting place for people around the world where they come to work hard and play even harder.

Sophie lands at Hong Kong International Airport and takes the Airport Express Train, and in minutes, she and her LUC8K bags are in the middle of the fast-moving crowd. The residents of this great city celebrate luxury like no other, and for this trip, Sophie plans on living the luxury life.

Sophie checked in at the Upper House, one of the top hotels in the city

Her studio room has a special bath with a full view of the harbor, which she took full advantage of.

After her soak, she put on her LUC8K leather belt, grabs her leather handbag, wallet, and cardholder, and heads up to the 49th floor to the Café Gray Bar, the hotel’s popular meeting place. The bar and adjourning restaurant is a perfect example of Hong Kong’s multicultural sophistication. With wood grains, neutral shades, marble, and crisp lines, it provides a modern club-like atmosphere for the stylish guests who frequent the place. Large windows around the room provide a magnificent view of the Kowloon skyline across the harbor.

Sophie was feeling a bit dangerous, so she ordered a Vesper martini, the one James Bond preferred. Fortunately, she arrived at sunset, the perfect time, as day turns to night and the tall buildings on Kowloon begin their light shows. There are few views like it in the world, and she sips her drink while enjoying small talk with others at the bar.

Like the Gray Café, much of the nightlife in the city is elevated. Sophie’s ready for dinner, and she goes nearby to Café Causette French restaurant, in the upper levels of the iconic Landmark Prince’s building. The famous dish there is the Hainan Chicken Rice, which the restaurant often runs out of because of its popularity. It’s a dish adapted from early Chinese immigrants originally from southern China that the restaurant elevates to gastronomic perfection, served with baby pak choi, garlic, and chili sauce.

After dinner, Sophie moves to the M bar. Both the restaurant and the bar are part of the Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong. Unlike the Café Gray, the M Bar has more of a nightclub scene with black walls and floors and a black V-shaped bar accented with blue and red lights and furnishings. But like the Café Gray, it reflects contemporary elegance and sophistication. Sophie orders another Vesper and walks out to the balcony where the view is different but just as spectacular as she is surrounded by the office’s glass and steel buildings high rises in Central Hong Kong. The weather is right, and the conversation is good as Sophie mixes with the beautiful people of this glittering city.


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