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Reimagining Luxury

Reimagining Luxury

As countries begin to open their borders, we ease back into traveling beyond our neighborhoods. Today, younger generations prioritize sustainability and authenticity, especially in the sense of privilege that comes with wearing a product. Luxury is more democratic and conscious. They are inspired by wanderlust and responsibility for transparency and a sustainable lifestyle. LUC8K is a company that produces leather handbags and accessories that are unique. Ready to help people to reacquaint themselves with their spirit of adventure, the trend is to live your life’s style. More relaxed – and fun.

Based in Switzerland

LUC8K, based in Switzerland, was founded four years ago by Karen Olivo, a veteran luxury goods professional. She created the company for two reasons. First, to produce the type of leather handbags missing in the marketplace that they would like to purchase and produce luxury products that create a better planet.

“I don’t like to emphasize sustainability because it should be normal,” Karen says. “It’s not a marketing program that at the end of the day isn’t transparent. We are transparent. We know our suppliers. We’re like family.”

The company produces handcrafted leather handbags and accessories manufactured at small-scale sustainably managed companies in France and Italy. They are sold exclusively online through the brand’s website.

Sustainable Practices – Reimagining Luxury

In addition to sustainable practices, Karen and Anette created a company that believes that traditional luxury has changed from exclusivity and opulence to something more casual and personal. LUC8K is about telling stories. First, about building heritage; second, about creating a positive impact; and finally, about looking and feeling fantastic.

Those who purchase the LUC8K product are part of this story. First, they select two colors for their bag, from a palette of eight colors that continuously change. Then they choose their lucky number, something that accompanies them no matter where they go.

This process means that the customer is creating a high-quality leather bag that is an extension of who the person is instead of buying a bag with a company logo or one that is mass-marketed. Karen says it’s a more democratic approach to owning luxury.


Since the product is made-to-order, the work doesn’t begin until the craftsmen receive the individual’s specifications. Depending on the product, it could take anywhere from two to six weeks to receive the item. Karen emphasizes waiting for the product is part of the LUC8K experience. Once the bag is received, it is designed to be part of the person’s life for years to come. It’s the opposite of fast fashion.

“You cannot jump in the shop and buy it right away,” Karen says. “You have to be patient. The whole thing is about the joy of receiving it.”

This relationship among the LUC8K founder, suppliers, and clients are expressed in the LUC8K logo, the infinity symbol, and the hashtag. #MyPieceOFinfinity. It represents a bond between all of the stakeholders in the process. It shows a shared commitment to handcrafted quality and environmental stewardship. Since antiquity, the number 8 symbol in the LUC8K name has been a lucky number in Chinese and Japanese cultures.

Sophie – Ambassador Of LUC8K

Finally, LUC8K has a mascot, Sophie—a 15-foot-tall giraffe (an endangered species). She travels around the world with a message of adventure and sustainability. All of her journeys are documented on the LUC8K website. She’s out of place everywhere she goes. Yet she manages to fit in, whether it’s visiting the seed vault in the Arctic or the world’s densest urban environments. Her attitude, style, and sass are endearing to those she meets. Her willingness to squeeze into tight airline seats and endure the other inconveniences and challenges with travel, even luxury travel, and to do with a positive attitude with her head held high is the essence of the LUC8K experience.

Travel will be much different following the pandemic, less frequent, and more cautious. Those who agree with the LUC8K philosophy will be prepared for this change. Whether visiting the local market or traveling halfway around the world. LUC8K bags and accessories are made for going to places in style and with an eye toward adventure.


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