Canvas Weekender Bag



Our handmade canvas weekender bag is perfect when you planning a weekend Getaway. Do you travel for business like a ballet or picking up your workout routines? It’s practically mandatory to make sure you’ve got the right bag for the job. You want to be casual, yet dress with style but still classy, the LUC8K duffel weekender bag is your trusty companion that’s suitable for all occasions. The cool thing is, it comes in a variety of colors plays and is handmade for women and men.


  • Italian waterproof coated canvas with genuine LUC8K bar code design for your weekender bag duffel
  • Dip-dyed Italian Napa trimming with a soft and warm touch
  • Personalized embossed gold foil four-digit number logo
  • Eco-Friendly and 100% Carbon neutral Luxurious Alcantara® liner in matching color to Napa trimming
  • Gold metallic quilting seams
  • Inside pocket (height 200mm, width 400mm)
  • RiRi zipper closure
  • 34 antique gold-finished studs, solid, coned (Bottom rivet Bag)
  • LUC8K spillage-safe waterproof coated dust bag
  • Signature packaging
  • Made to order, allow six weeks for your weekender bag to arrive
  • Your weekender bag is  Made in France with Love
  • Weight 1.7 kg
  • Dimensions 500(L) x 200(W) x 290(H) mm

Leather Shopping Handbag

Customise the look and feel of the leather to suit your own personal style and taste. Live your journey through life with colour, elegance and style with a LUC8K leather shoping bag handbag.

Quality doesn't have to cost the Earth.

Everything we design and create is handcrafted and Made in France. We take pride in delivering elegant leather bags and accessories that express your own personal, creative magic.
“Sustainable luxury is the future of luxury. We believe there is no other choice, and we are proud of how we do things differently” Karen Olivo, founder of LUC8K.

Made in France